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Finding the meeting points

In Brief: Information about finding the two places that we meet before departing for the hikes in Beijing.

For the hikes in Beijing, we have two main meeting points. The main meeting point is outside the Starbucks Coffee at the "Lido Place", part of the Metropark Lido Hotel. The other meeting point is near the Liangmaqiao subway station, on Line 10.

Quick links: Metropark Lido Hotel | Liangmaqiao Subway

The Starbucks at the Lido Place, Metropark Lido Hotel

Lido Place, at the Metropark Lido Hotel.

Lido Place, at the Metropark Lido Hotel: Starbucks to the left of HSBC.

We meet up at the Starbucks at the Lido Place, part of the Metropark Lido Hotel. This is our main pickup point – we've been meeting here since 2001!

By Taxi

Taxi drivers know the hotel as Lìdū Fàndiàn. The Starbucks is located by the square (called Lido Place) at the south-east of the hotel complex: the Lìdū Guāngchǎng. Click here to view a printable/downloadable address card for the Metropark Lido Hotel.

By Private Vehicle

The address of the hotel is 6 Jiǎngtái Lù. Parking is available and will cost about 60 RMB per day. There's a shed to lock up your bike.
Online maps for the Lido Place Starbucks meeting point: Google | Baidu

By Public Bus

The closest major bus stop is Lìdū Fàndiàn Station. Search LiDuFanDian or 丽都店站 on www.bjbus.com. Look for the Lido Metropark Hotel signs on the south-west side of the road, which will lead you to the hotel lobby. The Starbucks is at the other end of the building.


We meet at the Starbucks Coffee at the Metropark Lido Hotel's Lido Place itself, not the other branch by the Jenny Wang’s shop around the corner. If you can see a set of traffic lights, you're at the wrong one!

Liangmaqiao Station, Subway Line 10

We meet close by to Exit B of the Liangmaqiao Station on Subway Line 10. There’s no room for the bus to wait right outside the exit, but after a short stroll towards the Third Ring Road you'll be in the right place.

By Taxi or Private Vehicle

Get yourself to the northeast corner of the big Yansha Bridge intersection. If the big sign of the Westin Hotel is directly opposite you and on the other side of the road you're in the right place. Click here to view a printable/downloadable address card for the subway area pickup.
Online maps for the subway pickup point: Google | Baidu

By Public Bus

The closest major bus stop is either of the four Yansha Qiao stops, all around five minutes’ walk. Search YanShaQiao or 燕莎桥 on www.bjbus.com.


On some maps this station is named Liangmahe. The main landmark for our meeting point is the elevator that comes up from the subway. The bus will wait on the side of the road there, facing north, on the north-east corner of the intersection. The Kempinski Hotel and Lufthansa Center are on the south-east corner of the intersection. The Westin Hotel is on the north-west corner of the intersection. Click here to see a photo of the general area.

2015 Hike Festival Meeting Point

Agricultural Exhibition Center subway station on Line 10

Click to view a larger version of this photo of the Agricultural Exhibition Center subway map.

This pickup point is only used for our hike festival on October 17. We're going to be meeting up between the two exits on the east side of the Third Ring Road, Exit A and Exit D1.


Getting more information

In this section of the website you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about hiking with us.

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