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Photos: Lijiang and Shangri-La

Photos from our Lijiang and Shangri-La hike.

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  1. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(29)
  2. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(28)
  3. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(27)
  4. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(26)
  5. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(25)
  6. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(24)
  7. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(23)
  8. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(22)
  9. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(21)
  10. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(20)
  11. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(19)
  12. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(18)
  13. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(17)
  14. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(16)
  15. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(15)
  16. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(14)
  17. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(13)
  18. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(12)
  19. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(11)
  20. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(10)
  21. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(09)
  22. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(08)
  23. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(07)
  24. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(06)
  25. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(05)
  26. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(04)
  27. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(03)
  28. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(02)
  29. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(01)
  30. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(46)
  31. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(45)
  32. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(44)
  33. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(43)
  34. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(42)
  35. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(41)
  36. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(40)
  37. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(39)
  38. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(38)
  39. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(37)
  40. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(36)
  41. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(35)
  42. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(34)
  43. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(33)
  44. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(32)
  45. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(31)
  46. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(30)
  47. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(29)
  48. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(28)
  49. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(27)
  50. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(26)
  51. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(25)
  52. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(24)
  53. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(20)
  54. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(19)
  55. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(18)
  56. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(17)
  57. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(16)
  58. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(15)
  59. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(14)
  60. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(13)
  61. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(12)
  62. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(11)
  63. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(10)
  64. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(09)
  65. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(08)
  66. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(07)
  67. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(06)
  68. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(05)
  69. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(04)
  70. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(03)
  71. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(02)
  72. 20161123-27-Lijiang-and-Shangri-La-(38)
  73. LijiangandShangri La-(38)
  74. LijiangandShangri La-(37)
  75. LijiangandShangri La-(36)
  76. LijiangandShangri La-(35)
  77. LijiangandShangri La-(34)
  78. LijiangandShangri La-(33)
  79. LijiangandShangri La-(32)
  80. LijiangandShangri La-(31)
  81. LijiangandShangri La-(30)
  82. LijiangandShangri La-(29)
  83. LijiangandShangri La-(28)
  84. LijiangandShangri La-(27)
  85. LijiangandShangri La-(26)
  86. LijiangandShangri La-(25)
  87. LijiangandShangri La-(24)
  88. LijiangandShangri La-(23)
  89. LijiangandShangri La-(23)
  90. LijiangandShangri La-(22)
  91. LijiangandShangri La-(21)
  92. LijiangandShangri La-(20)
  93. LijiangandShangri La-(19)
  94. LijiangandShangri La-(18)
  95. LijiangandShangri La-(17)
  96. LijiangandShangri La-(16)
  97. LijiangandShangri La-(15)
  98. LijiangandShangri La-(14)
  99. LijiangandShangri La-(13)
  100. LijiangandShangri La-(12)
  101. LijiangandShangri La-(11)
  102. LijiangandShangri La-(10)
  103. LijiangandShangri La-(9)
  104. LijiangandShangri La-(8)
  105. LijiangandShangri La-(7)
  106. LijiangandShangri La-(6)
  107. LijiangandShangri La-(5)
  108. LijiangandShangri La-(4)
  109. LijiangandShangri La-(3)
  110. LijiangandShangri La-(2)
  111. LijiangandShangri La-(1)
  112. LijiangandShangri-La-(49)
  113. LijiangandShangri-La-(48)
  114. LijiangandShangri-La-(47)
  115. LijiangandShangri-La-(46)
  116. LijiangandShangri-La-(45)
  117. LijiangandShangri-La-(44)
  118. LijiangandShangri-La-(43)
  119. LijiangandShangri-La-(42)
  120. LijiangandShangri-La-(41)
  121. LijiangandShangri-La-(40)
  122. LijiangandShangri-La-(39)
  123. LijiangandShangri-La-(38)
  124. LijiangandShangri-La-(37)
  125. LijiangandShangri-La-(36)
  126. LijiangandShangri-La-(35)
  127. LijiangandShangri-La-(34)
  128. LijiangandShangri-La-(33)
  129. LijiangandShangri-La-(32)
  130. LijiangandShangri-La-(31)
  131. LijiangandShangri-La-(30)
  132. LijiangandShangri-La-(29)
  133. LijiangandShangri-La-(28)
  134. LijiangandShangri-La-(27)
  135. LijiangandShangri-La-(26)
  136. LijiangandShangri-La-(25)
  137. LijiangandShangri-La-(24)
  138. LijiangandShangri-La-(23)
  139. LijiangandShangri-La-(22)
  140. LijiangandShangri-La-(21)
  141. LijiangandShangri-La-(20)
  142. LijiangandShangri-La-(19)
  143. LijiangandShangri-La-(18)
  144. LijiangandShangri-La-(17)
  145. LijiangandShangri-La-(16)
  146. LijiangandShangri-La-(15)
  147. LijiangandShangri-La-(14)
  148. LijiangandShangri-La-(13)
  149. LijiangandShangri-La-(12)
  150. LijiangandShangri-La-(11)
  151. LijiangandShangri-La-(10)
  152. LijiangandShangri-La-(9)
  153. LijiangandShangri-La-(8)
  154. LijiangandShangri-La-(7)
  155. LijiangandShangri-La-(6)
  156. LijiangandShangri-La-(5)
  157. LijiangandShangri-La-(4)
  158. LijiangandShangri-La-(3)
  159. LijiangandShangri-La-(2)
  160. LijiangandShangri-La-(1)

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A person walks through the sandy dunes of the Tengger Desert
Trip dates: April 28–May 1, 2017

Tengger Desert Lakes, Inner Mongolia

In Brief: Travel by foot and jeep through the desert, visit desert lakes, ride camels, camp in the desert, and more.

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Huts below the Gangshika Snow Mountain
Trip dates: May 26–30, 2017

Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, and the Gangshika Snow Mountain, Qinghai Province

In Brief: Take a hike near the shores of Qinghai Lake; join the pilgrims visiting Kumbum Monastery; camp out at high altitude on Gangshika Mountain and hike up to a glacier.

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Clouds over the green rolling hills of the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: June 16–18, 2017

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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Mountains and rivers in Xinjiang
Trip dates: June 20–25, 2017

Bayinbuluke Grasslands, Xinjiang Province (6 days)

In Brief: Camp out overnight in the beautiful high-altitude scenery of the Bayinbuluke Grasslands in northwestern Xinjiang; see Silk Road sights, big mountains, and desert while on the road to and from the grasslands.

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Hiking the ridgelines at the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: July 14–16, 2017

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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The exterior of the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang
Trip dates: July 20–23, 2017

Dunhuang and Mogao Grottoes, Gansu Province

In Brief: Explore the Silk Road sights around Dunhuang, including the amazing Mogao Grottoes and Crescent Lake.

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The green rolling hills of the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: August 11–13, 2017

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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A desert lake, seen from the peak of a tall dune in the Badain Jaran Desert, Inner Mongolia
Trip dates: August 16–20, 2017

Badain Jaran Desert and Zhangye Danxia Landform (5 days)

In Brief: Two days in the Badain Jaran desert with an overnight camp, peaking with an ascent of one of the world’s tallest dunes; three days looking about nearby scenic and historical highlights including the Zhangye Danxia Landform.

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Mountains of Zhagana, Gansu Province
Trip dates: September 13–17, 2017

Xiahe, Labrang Monastery, Zhagana Tibetan area, Gansu Province

In Brief: See the Labrang Monastery, Tibetan Buddhist temples, and super high mountain scenery on this trip to the largely Tibetan remote area of Gansu Province. A similar feel to Tibet, without the hassle of getting the official permit.

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Baicheng Landform
Trip dates: October 1–7, 2017

Silk Road: Korla to Kashgar (7 days)

In Brief: Spend seven days on the Silk Road, heading west to Kashgar and travelling by jeep instead of camel through the vast empty areas of Xinjiang Province.

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Dunes in the Alashan Desert
Trip dates: October 2–5, 2017

Alashan Desert Lakes and Temple, Inner Mongolia

In Brief: Travel by foot, camel, and jeep through the Alashan Desert to reach a beautiful Buddhist temple deep in the dunes. Includes a night camping in the desert, plus a visit to the Western Xia Imperial Tombs.

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The coloured hills of the Zhangye Danxia Landform
Trip dates: October 8–12, 2017

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu Province

In Brief: See the fantastically-coloured mountains and cliffs in an all-but unexplored area of Gansu; visit Horse Hoofprint Temple, Jiayuguan Fortress, and more.

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A mossy tree trunk, Five Flowers Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park
Trip dates: October 18–22, 2017

Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, Sichuan Province

In Brief: Visit the deservedly famous Jiuzhaigou National Park and then head on to nearby Huanglong, an equally scenic but less well-known area of still ponds and coloured rocks.

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A cluster of three tulou buildings, deep in the hills of Fujian
Trip dates: November 9–12, 2017

Hakka Tulou Clusters and Xiamen, Fujian Province

In Brief: Head deep into the mountains of Fujian to see the tulou buildings of the Hakka, visiting those both well-known and obscure, and staying overnight in a tulou building in one of the smaller, less-visited clusters. Trip includes sights around Xiamen, including Gulangyu Island.

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Bridges and pagodas in Lijiang’s Black Dragon Pool park
Trip dates: November 22–26, 2017

Lijiang and Shangri-La, Yunnan Province

In Brief: See the highlights of Lijiang and Shangri-La: cobbled streets and watercourses of ancient towns, Naxi and Tibetan culture, plus amazing views of snow-capped mountains. Cultural focus, nothing too strenuous.

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