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Contact us about a special trip

Which trip or which type of trip are you interested in?

When would you like to do the trip?

Your details

We won't share this information with anyone else. It's only used to send you a reply.

We'll be using email to communicate with you about the trip.

We use the phone number to check in the night before the trip, and to get in touch at short notice, if required.

Comments, questions, and extra details

Write in any questions or anything special we should know or include for you. (Allergies, dietary requirements).

Join up with others

Join up with another group to lower the cost. We'd run it all by you first before confirming it with any others interested.

Book a private trip

There are some questions that we always ask when we're organising private trips – by getting those answers right at the beginning we'll be able to get things done for you much more quickly.

We do need a bit of advance notice to be able to put together a private trip for you. If you're looking to do something tomorrow or the day after, it might be too late. Contact us anyway – we'll see what we can do!

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Want to talk about something else?

If you're looking for email addresses and phone numbers, please head to our contact information page.

If you've got a question that's not do do with a private trip, take a look at the ‘Get Information section’ of our website, and use our contact form to send through any questions.