Wusun Ancient Road, Xinjiang
Camp by an alpine lake on the Wusun Ancient Road.

Wusun Ancient Road, Xinjiang (7 days)

We’re trying to gather a group for a tough trek through the Tianshan Mountains.

Level 5
The route is long with large changes in elevation, and involves water crossings with low water temperatures. (Can I do it?)
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Booking info

July 15–21, 2024

  • ¥12,320 (standard) / ¥11,700 (members)
  • ¥11,300 (members early price)
  • Payment due before July 1
  • Early price deadline June 22

The Wusun Ancient Road is a 90km+ trek through the Tianshan Mountains, crossing high altitude passes and visiting alpine lakes, grasslands, and river valleys.

After enquiries from BJH regulars, we’ve opened this up to see if we have enough interest to get a group together. We’ll need at least six participants.

It’s an extremely difficult trek, suitable only for those with trekking experience and a high level of fitness.

We’d work with a local supplier to put this together, and they have passed on the following warnings.

Participation and precautions

The trek

Characteristics of the route:
The route is long with large changes in elevation. It involves water crossings with low water temperatures. There is also a ropeway crossing.

Preparatory work:
Bring water shoes, waterproof socks, or knee pads with thermal insulation properties to maintain leg temperature while crossing water. Prepare reliable knee pads with support frames to provide better support for the legs during walking. Carry carabiners and flat straps for additional protection when crossing the ropeway.

Weather conditions along the route:
The Wusun Ancient Road is located in the Tianshan Mountains, which is the boundary between southern and northern Xinjiang. The average elevation of the mountains is about 4,000 meters. The climate is influenced by mountainous rainfall. There is more rainfall in June and July, and the amount of rainfall varies from year to year. By the end of September, the temperature drops, and the nighttime temperature can reach below freezing. 70% of the route is located at an elevation of 2,000 to 2,500 meters, 25% is around 3,000 meters, and 5% is around 3,500 meters. The terrain along the route includes mountain grasslands, snowy spruce forests, high mountain bare rocks, streams, gorges, gravel riverbeds, and water crossings.

Everyone must purchase adequate insurance.


  1. Any hiking activity carries certain risks. Before participating, each person needs to fully consider their own physical condition, health, and personal equipment, and understand the risks involved in hiking activities. During the activity, you are fully responsible for your own safety.

  2. Strictly follow instructions during the activity and do not engage in individual activities without permission to avoid potential dangers.

  3. Team spirit is especially important in outdoor activities, and friends with a spirit of mutual assistance are especially welcome to participate.

  4. Pay attention to environmental protection and do not engage in activities that harm the ecological environment. Do not dispose of or litter garbage casually. All garbage must be carried out of the mountains for centralized disposal. Do not randomly pick or hunt plants and animals.

  5. During the activity, ensure that you carry appropriate equipment and sufficient food supplies, and take responsibility for all your actions.

  6. All fires for daily use must be controlled within the campsite. Strictly abide by the regulations for fire sources in forest areas.

  7. This itinerary offers unique scenery, but the journey is relatively strenuous compared to regular itineraries. Due to conditions in the mountainous areas, bathing facilities may be unavailable. Please be mentally prepared.

  8. The team leader has the right to select team members based on their physical condition and equipment.

  9. This hiking activity requires a certain level of physical fitness and endurance. The prerequisite is good health without cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

  10. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the team leader has the right to make adjustments to the route based on the situation.

Trip overview

Day One main activities
  • Meet up in Yining City and take a chartered car to Qiongkushitai Village
  • Hike to Kurda Ranch
  • Camp in the evening
  • Approx. 12km hiking
Day Two main activities
  • Hike along the river valley
  • Cross Qiongdaban (3780m)
  • Continue on Wusun Ancient Road
  • Camp in Xiamu Ranch in the evening
  • Approx. 20km hiking
Day Three main activities
  • Hike along the high mountain summer pasture
  • Arrive at Kuokesu River
  • Camp in Kuokesu Gorge
  • Approx. 15km hiking
Day Four main activities
  • Cross the river using a cableway/zipline
  • Hike upstream along the Bulake Creek
  • Pass through Jushizhen Ranch
  • Reach Tianchi (Heavenly Lake)
  • Take photos and relax in the lake area
  • Camp in the evening
  • Approx. 6km hiking
Day Five main activities
  • Stay at Tianchi for one day
  • Rest and take photos
  • Camp in the evening
Day Six main activities
  • Hike and cross Akbulakdaban (3850m)
  • Camp in the evening
  • Approx. 18km hiking
Day Seven main activities
  • Hike downstream along the Bozikelike River, with up to forty crossings
  • Pass through apple orchards to the monument of Liu Pingguo on Heiying Mountain
  • Approx. 20km hiking
  • Take a car to Kuche City, itinerary finishes

Please let us know if you’d join the trip, and we’ll proceed with the set up based on the level of interest.