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This trip is either not currently scheduled, or it is not yet available for booking, and the information on this page may be incomplete or out of date.

Wuyuan ‘Fields of Flowers’, Jiangxi Province

In Brief: See fields of yellow flowers and ancient river towns in southern China. Cultural focus, nothing too strenuous.

Terraced hills covered with flowers

Terraced hills covered with yellow flowers.

The county of Wuyuan, in southern China’s Jiangxi Province, possesses great natural beauty, and is famous for gorgeous, vast fields of yellow rapeseed flowers—the main focus of this trip.

As well as hiking in and around the fields of flowers, we’ll be visiting Jingdezhen, the ‘Porcelain Capital’ of China; several ancient villages with well-preserved ancient architecture; the Rainbow Bridge; and the Jiangling Mountains. Beijingers will be able to get a good look at life in the southeast of China, and photographers will certainly come home with some good shots!

Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province

Located east of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan County is home to many small villages scattered amongst the streams and forested hills. It is a bucolic and tranquil area, and difficult to reach by public transport. In recent times it has become a popular tourist destination, but we plan to head for less busy areas while still making sure to take in the key highlights, as well as the essence of the area.

Trip overview

Day One: Fly to Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province.
Day Two: Travel to Wuyuan, walk and hike around villages, terraces, countryside.
Day Three: Visit ancient villages.
Day Four: Visit ancient village, hike around terraces and hills, travel to Jingdezhen, visit porcelain shop, fly to Beijing.

Fields of rapeseed flowers surround small villages, Beijing Hikers Wuyuan Trip, Jiangxi Prov.

Fields of flowers surround the small villages.

Fields of flowers

In early spring, the fields and hillside terraces of Wuyuan County turn totally yellow with blooming rapeseed flowers, adding to the already serene and pastoral beauty of the area. We’ve timed this trip to coincide with the time of flowering, and will be hiking in and around the beautiful flowers for much of our visit. As well as looking pretty, rapeseed is also used to produce vegetable oil, biodiesel, and animal feed.

Flowers on the outskirts of a small village Wuyuan village architecture, Beijing Hikers Wuyuan Trip, Jiangxi Prov.

Flowers on the outskirts of a village.

Ancient villages and architecture

There are many small villages in the Wuyuan area, and many of these house temples and other well-preserved ancient architecture. Villagers still preserve a laidback way of life. On the second day of the trip we will visit several villages, notably Yancun and Yantian.

Yancun is a village that features many examples of interesting ancient architecture. Many of the larger houses were built by successful businessmen of days long gone by—some with more than three floors. A river flows past the village, and it is surrounded by fields and forested hills.

Yantian is another ancient village, surrounded by fields and terraces of rapeseed flowers – a great place for photography.

Qinghua Rainbow Bridge
Quite a few cedar wood covered bridges can be found in Wuyuan, and on the second day of our trip we’ll visit the Rainbow Bridge, the most famous of them all. Built in the Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279), the 140m long bridge is made entirely of wood.

Path through the fields, Beijing Hikers Wuyuan Trip, Jiangxi Prov.

An old path beside the fields.

Jiangling Mountains

On the third day of the trip we’ll do a bit of hiking near the Jiangling Mountains, taking in the fields, flowers, villages, and terraced hillsides. The hiking will not be super difficult, and should take 3–4 hours.

Jingdezhen, China’s ‘Porcelain Capital’

The city of Jingdezhen has over 2,000 years of recorded history. It is known as the ‘Porcelain Capital,’ having produced quality pottery for 1,700 years, with one particularly beautiful Yuan Dynasty-era (AD 1278-1368) piece going for the equivalent of 230,000,000 RMB at a London auction house in 2005.

We’ll have the opportunity to visit a porcelain factory on the last day of the trip—but don’t worry, no one is going to ask you to buy a two-hundred-million renminbi piece of porcelain! (No one is going to ask you to buy anything. This isn’t planned as a shopping stop, more of a quick look at the industry.)

Health warning

Do not participate in this trip if you are allergic to pollen!

Farmer, kids, and a water buffalo Beijing Hikers Wuyuan Trip, Jiangxi Prov.

A farmer and his children, with a water buffalo.


More rain falls in the south of China than in the north. Late March and early April are not the peak of the rainy season, but you will definitely need some wet weather gear – the average rainfall for March is 180mm; for April, 239mm. At least it will be warm, with temperatures between 13°C and 22°C.


We will be staying in a 4-star hotel in Jingdezhen, and comfortable countryside accommodation in Wuyuan.

You’ll be sharing a room with another hiker. If you'd like a guesthouse/hotel room to yourself, it can be arranged at an extra cost of 530 RMB in total, if a room is available—usually not a problem!

Further details about room shares and single supplement can be found in the documents we send you as part of the registration.

Flights and transport

We will be flying to and from Beijing Capital Airport on our departure and return days. Other transportation between Jingdezhen, Wuyuan, and the surrounding areas will be by private bus, and, of course, our own feet.

Frequent flyers: Please let us know if you would like to use your frequent flyer miles or if you are a frequent flyer member. If you would like to organise your own flights, we can provide further details.


We will take most of our meals at restaurants in the areas we visit. Bring some spending money for snacks during the trip. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies.

An arched bridge crosses a lake, with mountains behind

An arched bridge below cloud-covered mountains.

More photos

Things to bring

  • Passport
  • Waterproof jacket and trousers.
  • Sturdy shoes, hiking boots if possible.
  • A day pack to take on outings. Suitcases or bigger bags can be left at the hotel or on the bus.
  • Camera and charger, batteries.
  • Mobile phone, charger.
  • Hayfever medication.
  • Tissues and baby wipes.

Included with this trip

  • Meals as stated in itinerary.
  • Drinks with meals.
  • Accommodation.
  • Return flights.
  • Local guides/experts as required.
  • Any entrance tickets.

Full itinerary

  1. Day One
    Afternoon flight to Jingdezhen (flight time TBC)
    Dinner in Jingdezhen
    Overnight in Jingdezhen

  2. Day Two
    07:30 – Breakfast
    08:00 – Check out, travel to Wuyuan town by private bus
    09:50 – Begin our tour, visiting ancient villages and taking pictures
    12:00 – Lunch at local restaurant
    13:00 – Hiking around the rapeseed terraces in the countryside
    15:00 – Countryside walk, visit an ancient bridge
    17:30 – Check in to guesthouse
    18:00 – Dinner at local restaurant

  3. Day Three
    08:00 – Breakfast
    08:30 – Travel to a local village by private bus
    09:00 – Explore the ancient village
    10:30 – Drive on to another local village for a hike
    11:00 – Arrive at the village and begin the hike
    13:00 – Late lunch at the village
    14:00 – Explore the village
    17:00 – Stay at local hostel

  4. Day Four
    08:00 – Breakfast
    08:30 – Visit an ancient village
    12:00 – Lunch at local restaurant
    13:00 – Hiking around the rapeseed terraces in the countryside
    14:30 – Drive back to Jingdezhen
    16:30 – Visit a porcelain work shop in Jingdezhen
    17:30 – Eat early dinner at local restaurant
    Evening flight back to Beijing (time TBC)

  5. All times are approximate, and depend on our speed of movement.

More information

Contact us at any time for more information. Payment terms, conditions, and details will be supplied along with a waiver document and travel guidelines after your registration request has been received.

We usually need to get 8–10 people signed up to go ahead with this trip. Beijing Hikers reserves the right to decide who may participate in this trip.

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