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  1. Lanterns line a lane at night in Nuanquanzhen
    August 15–16 (Sat–Sun)

    Study trip: Folk handicrafts and history in Yu County, Hebei Province (2 days)

    Level 1  ¥1,800 / discounts for members and kids / 7:30am from Liangmaqiao, 8:00am from Lido
    Learn how to make authentic and traditional Chinese paper lanterns and explore the ancient alleys, lanes, temples, courtyards, and castles of Yu County. Educational and fun for adults and children aged 8 and up.
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  2. A view of a tower on the Longquanyu stretch of Great Wall
    Thursday, August 20

    Longquanyu Great Wall Loop

    Level 3+  ¥400 / 7:45am from Shunyi–DD’s, 8:15am from Shunyi–Pinnacle
    Hike a recently repaired section of Great Wall that offers amazing long views before checking out an unrepaired 'wild' stretch, finishing with a hike up and out of 'Big Cloud' Valley to end at a small village. Shunyi pickups only for this one.
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  3. A soon-to-be-repaired section, not far from the knot
    Saturday, August 22

    Chinese Knot Great Wall

    Level 4  ¥400 / 7:15am from Lido, 8:15am from Liangmaqiao
    A tough hike up and down unrestored Great Wall, peaking by the Chinese Knot, a section where three lines of Great Wall come together. Note: if you're not comfortable with making a short-but-steep climb on somewhat tricky terrain, you might not find this hike an enjoyable experience.
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