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Photos: From Korla to Kashgar along the Silk Road

Photos from our trip along the Silk Road from Korla to Kashgar

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  1. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(79)
  2. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(78)
  3. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(77)
  4. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(76)
  5. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(75)
  6. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(74)
  7. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(73)
  8. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(72)
  9. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(71)
  10. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(67)
  11. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(69)
  12. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(70)
  13. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(65)
  14. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(64)
  15. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(63)
  16. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(62)
  17. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(61)
  18. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(60)
  19. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(59)
  20. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(58)
  21. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(57)
  22. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(56)
  23. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(55)
  24. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(54)
  25. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(53)
  26. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(52)
  27. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(51)
  28. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(50)
  29. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(49)
  30. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(48)
  31. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(47)
  32. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(46)
  33. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(45)
  34. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(44)
  35. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(43)
  36. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(42)
  37. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(41)
  38. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(39)
  39. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(38)
  40. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(37)
  41. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(36)
  42. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(35)
  43. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(34)
  44. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(33)
  45. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(32)
  46. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(31)
  47. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(30)
  48. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(29)
  49. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(28)
  50. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(27)
  51. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(26)
  52. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(25)
  53. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(24)
  54. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(23)
  55. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(22)
  56. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(21)
  57. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(20)
  58. 20160823-0828-Silk-Road-Korla-to-Kashgar--(19)
  59. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar--(79)
  60. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(81)
  61. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(80)
  62. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(78)
  63. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(77)
  64. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(76)
  65. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(75)
  66. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(74)
  67. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(73)
  68. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(72)
  69. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(71)
  70. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(69)
  71. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(68)
  72. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(67)
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  1. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(53)
  2. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(52)
  3. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(51)
  4. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(50)
  5. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(49)
  6. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(48)
  7. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(47)
  8. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(46)
  9. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(45)
  10. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(44)
  11. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(43)
  12. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(42)
  13. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(41)
  14. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(40)
  15. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(39)
  16. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(38)
  17. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(35)
  18. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(34)
  19. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(33)
  20. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(32)
  21. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(31)
  22. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(30)
  23. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(29)
  24. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(28)
  25. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(27)
  26. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(26)
  27. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(25)
  28. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(24)
  29. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(23)
  30. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(22)
  31. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(21)
  32. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(20)
  33. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(19)
  34. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(18)
  35. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(17)
  36. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(16)
  37. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(15)
  38. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(14)
  39. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(13)
  40. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(12)
  41. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(11)
  42. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(10)
  43. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(09)
  44. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(08)
  45. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(07)
  46. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(06)
  47. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(05)
  48. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(04)
  49. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(03)
  50. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(02)
  51. 20160606-12-Silk-Road-Korla-To-Kashgar-(01)

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Monks unveiling a huge cloth thangka
Trip dates: February 27–March 2, 2018

Labrang Monastery’s ‘Unveiling the Buddha’ Ceremony, Xiahe, Gansu Province

In Brief: Visit Xiahe to witness a giant Buddha tapestry being unveiled on the hillside above Labrang Monastery and to join the crowds watching the lively performances in the town square. Trip also includes hikes and walks in nearby grassland areas.

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Terraced hills covered with flowers
Trip dates: March 15–18, 2018

Wuyuan ‘Fields of Flowers’, Jiangxi Province

In Brief: See fields of yellow flowers and ancient river towns in southern China. Cultural focus, nothing too strenuous.

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Colourful costumes of the Zhuang ethnic group
Trip dates: April 4–8, 2018

Guizhou: Miao and Dong culture in the mountains (5 days)

In Brief: Hike between villages and enclaves in the mountains of Guizhou Province to get a up-close look at the well-preserved rituals, traditions, and architecture of the Miao and Dong (and more) ethnic groups.

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A person walks through the sandy dunes of the Tengger Desert
Trip dates: April 28–May 1, 2018

Tengger Desert Lakes, Inner Mongolia

In Brief: Travel by foot and jeep through the desert, visit desert lakes, ride camels, camp in the desert, and more.

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Hiking in grassy meadows near Qinghai Lake
Trip dates: May 24–27, 2018

Qinghai Lake, Kumbum Monastery, and the Gangshika Snow Mountain (4 days)

In Brief: Take a hike near the shores of Qinghai Lake; join the pilgrims visiting Kumbum Monastery; hike up to a high altitude glacier on Gangshika Mountain.

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Mountains and clouds in Xinjiang
Trip dates: June 13–18, 2018

Bayinbuluke Grasslands, Xinjiang Province (6 days)

In Brief: Camp out overnight in the beautiful high-altitude scenery of the Bayinbuluke Grasslands in northwestern Xinjiang; see Silk Road sights, big mountains, and desert while on the road to and from the grasslands.

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Clouds over the green rolling hills of the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: June 16–18, 2018

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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Hiking the ridgelines at the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: July 13–15, 2018

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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Trip dates: July 17–22, 2018

Jiuzhi Tibetan Area, Gansu Province (6 days)

In Brief: New trip, details to be confirmed.
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The green rolling hills of the Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province
Trip dates: August 10–12, 2018

Bashang Grasslands, Hebei Province

In Brief: Clean and cool grasslands near the border of Hebei and Inner Mongolia: hikes, BBQ lamb, and more.

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The coloured hills of the Zhangye Danxia Landform
Trip dates: August 15–19, 2018

Zhangye Danxia Landform, Gansu Province

In Brief: See the fantastically-coloured mountains and cliffs in an all-but unexplored area of Gansu; visit Horse Hoofprint Temple, Jiayuguan Fortress, and more.

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Trip dates: September 20–24, 2018

Dali, Cang Mountain, and Erhai Lake, Yunnan (5 days)

In Brief: See the Southern Silk Road sights of Dali and its surrounds, travelling by foot, bicycle, and as part of a mule train as we visit ancient towns, temples, Erhai Lake, and camp out on Cang Mountain.
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Baicheng Landform
Trip dates: October 1–7, 2018

Silk Road: Korla to Kashgar (7 days)

In Brief: Spend seven days on the Silk Road, heading west to Kashgar and travelling by jeep instead of camel through the vast empty areas of Xinjiang Province.

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A person walks through the sandy dunes of the Tengger Desert
Trip dates: October 2–5, 2018

Tengger Desert Lakes, Inner Mongolia

In Brief: Travel by foot and jeep through the desert, visit desert lakes, ride camels, camp in the desert, and more.

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A mossy tree trunk, Five Flowers Lake, Jiuzhaigou National Park
Trip dates: October 24–28, 2018

Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, Sichuan Province

In Brief: Visit the deservedly famous Jiuzhaigou National Park and then head on to nearby Huanglong, an equally scenic but less well-known area of still ponds and coloured rocks.
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The lights of Fenghuang Ancient Town, Hunan
Trip dates: November 15–18, 2018

Fenghuang Ancient Town and Fanjing Mountain (4 days)

In Brief: See Hunan’s beautiful Fenghuang Ancient Town; summit Guizhou’s 2,572m Fanjing Mountain; see Tujia and Miao customs and culture.

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Bridges and pagodas in Lijiang’s Black Dragon Pool park
Trip dates: December 12–16, 2018

Lijiang and Shangri-La, Yunnan Province

In Brief: See the highlights of Lijiang and Shangri-La: cobbled streets and watercourses of ancient towns, Naxi and Tibetan culture, plus amazing views of snow-capped mountains. Cultural focus, nothing too strenuous.

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