Office closed for the October Golden Week holiday, contact information

How to contact us during the holiday.

Our office is closed for the holiday, and we'll all be out hiking!

The office will reopen on October 8.

We'll be able to check emails and will confirm your hike bookings, but there will probably be no one in the office to answer a phone call.

If you’re making a booking on the day before your hike, we might not be able to get back to you until the evening. If the hike isn’t marked as fully booked we’ll be able to get you signed up—just make sure to include your mobile/cell number so we can get in touch at short notice if needed.

As part of the reservation process you'll be sent the contact number for the hiking guide in charge of your hike. Please contact them if you have last-minute questions or updates for us.

Please SMS/txt or call Hayden on +86-18611760907 if it's anything urgent.

We'll be back in the office on October 8.