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At the end of the hike - Longquanyu Hike, 2014/01/27

Longquanyu Hike, 2014/01/25

On this hike we went out to Changping District to hike a stretch of Great Wall near Longquanyu, and found a shady valley filled with ice that we had to cross to finish the walk. Click through to see some photos!

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Hikers on the , White River ice hike, 2014/01/19

White River Ice Hike, 2014/01/19

This is one of our popular winter hikes, on which we follow a trail through a beautiful gorge and along the frozen White River. Click through to see the photos of ice, cliffs and canyon walls, and the hiking team having a great day out.

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Hikers on the Great Wall - Stone Valley Great Wall, 2014/01/12

Stone Valley Great Wall, 2014/01/12

During the winter of 2013 we went out looking for new hiking trails. Here are some photos from our first ever outing to the Stone Valley Great Wall. Click through to see our photos!

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Towers of the Jiankou Great Wall

Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall Christmas hike, 2013/12/22

In the week before Christmas we did a lot of Great Wall hikes. For this walk, we started at Jiankou and climbed up over the big hill to finish up at the Mutianyu Great Wall. After the hike was done, we headed to a local restaurant for a big meal and a dumpling-making contest!

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Hikers on the Great Wall, Gubeikou Great Wall loop hike, 2013/12/21

Gubeikou Great Wall Loop, 2013/12/21

The Gubeikou Great Wall loop is a hike that starts from a rustic village and follows an unrestored and relatively easy section of Great Wall to finish not far from the starting point.

The views on this hike are excellent; click through to see photos of the wild wall and our Christmas dumpling-making competition.

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, Beijing Hiker’s Cypress Wells Canyon hike and Yongning Town visit, 2013/10/19

Cypress Wells Canyon and Yongning Town, 2013/10/19

See photos from our hike through Cypress Wells Canyon and visit to Yongning Town: autumn scenery, hills, and canyons, plus a shot of a super cool goat.

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Camels and sand dunes at Crescent Lake, Beijing Hiker’s Journey from the West, 2013/10

Xinjiang Journey from the West, 2013/10

See photos from our seven-day Silk Road trip in October, featuring shots of scenery and sights on the way east from Urumqi to Jiayuguan.

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Video from Pinnacle Tower hike, 2013/10

Hiker Yvonne has a travel blog, and as part of her travels she came hiking with us to the Pinnacle Tower on October 4, 2013.

Visit her blog to see the video – we think it’s very good!

Link: Pinnacle Tower hike on goyvon.com (Dutch/English)

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Hikers in the desert, Badain Jaran Desert and Zhangye Danxia Landform, 2013/09

Badain Jaran Desert and Zhangye Danxia Landform, 2013/09

In September we made a trip that took in the Zhangye Danxia Landform in Gansu Province, and the Badain Jaran desert in Inner Mongolia.

We had a great time out there, and we managed to get all the way to the top of the world’s third-tallest sand dune – no easy climb.

Click through to see the photos and Huijie’s trip report.

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Evergreen pines mixed with deciduous trees.

Dahaituo Mountain, 2013/09/22

Dahaituo Mountain is located in the far northwest of Beijing, on the border with Hebei Province.

For much of the hike we were walking in the clouds, but on the way down from the top the skies started to clear a little and we were able to see some excellent autumn colours while walking out through birch and pine forests.

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Hiking on the Great Wall, Beijing Hiker’s Switchback Great Wall hike, 2013/09/01

Switchback Great Wall, 2013/09/01

We had lovely clear weather for hiking the Great Wall, and got some excellent photos of an obscure section of Great Wall in Yanqing County.

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Clear skies over Lake Karakul.

Kashgar and Lake Karakul trip, 2013/08

In August we headed west into Xinjiang, visiting Kashgar city and heading up into the mountains for a trek that peaked at the base camp of Mt. Muztagh-Ata.

As well as the sights of Kashgar, and the high mountain scenery, we got a very good look at some of the local customs, with a Krygyz camel team with us on the trek, and a visit to a Uyghur family farm near Kashgar.

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the start of the hike

Aershan National Forest Park, Inner Mongolia, 2013/08

The A’ershan National Forest Park is located at the northeast end of Inner Mongolia. While there, we hiked in the rolling hills of the area, and spent a day exploring the crater lakes, lava flows, and rivers in an area that had been previously volcanically active. Click through for photos!

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A horse-and-carriage track through the wide grassland

Hulunbuir Grasslands, Inner Mongolia, 2013/07

Once a year we head north to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia for a long trip that takes us on a tour of the grasslands and wetlands, and small towns on the border of China and Russia. This year we had great weather, with big blue skies over the wildflowers and green grasslands. Click through to see the photos.

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the start of the hike

The Great Flood hike, 2013/07/28

It’s been tough to see a blue sky in Beijing recently, but after a big rainfall the skies cleared out, and, as a bonus, all the streams and pools along this trail were full of clear and cool water. Water in Beijing? Click through to see the proof!

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