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Great Wall Tower

Hiking photos - Gubeikou and Jinshanling, 2010/11/13

In November we hiked from Gubeikou to Jinshanling on one of the clearest days we’ve seen in Beijing. As usual on a clear day we forgot to bring a camera, but some of our hikers took some excellent photos - click through to take a look!

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Hebei Bangzi performers

Hiking photos - Opera in a Countryside Temple, 2010/11/06

One of the countryside villages we often visit has a troupe of performers who like to do the Hebei Bangzi style of opera performance. On this trip, they gave us a great performance after we finished hiking in the hills around the village - click through for some photos!

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Hikers on plateau trail

Hiking photos - Dahaituo Mountain, 2010/10/16

We do our Dahaituo Mountain hike twice every year - once in spring, when all is green; once in autumn, when we see all the fall colours. Click through to see some photos from our autumn 2010 visit.

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Hiking group at Jiayuguan

Special Trip Photos - Xinjiang: Journey from the West, Oct 1-7 2010

During the big holiday at the start of October, we headed west for a seven day trip along the Northern Silk Road, starting at Urumqi in Xinjiang, and finishing at Jiayuguan in Gansu Province. Click through to see photos from the trip!

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Big pig

Hiking photos - Plants, wildlife, 2010/09

A lot of the photos on our website focus on scenery. In this collection of photos you’ll see some of the plants, animals, and insects we spotted out and about in September 2010.

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Great Wall tower

Hiking photos - Great Wall Spur, 2010/09/18

On this visit to the Great Wall Spur we enjoyed clear and cool weather, and got a few good shots of the Great Wall - click through for a look.

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Marker at peak of Lingshan

Hiking photos - Baihuashan and Lingshan Overnight, 2010/08/28-29

In August we did an overnight hike in the mountains west of Beijing, climbing to the peak of the highest mountain in Beijing on the second day. Click through to see some photos of hikers in the high mountain scenery of Baihuashan and Lingshan.

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Hikers taking a rest

Hiking photos - Walk Down the Incense Trail, 2010/8/8

On August 8th we headed out west, to the district of Mentougou, for a good walk along an old pilgrim’s trail. We started near the temple at Miaofengshan, and followed a trail over the mountains to Dajue Temple. Click through for photos, stats, and a write up.

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Herdsman and horses

Scouting photos - Hulunbeir, Inner Mongolia, July 2010

In July 2010 Huijie and Yanjing headed up to the Hulunbeir Grasslands in the far north of Inner Mongolia, looking for good places to visit on a longer trip. As well as the grasslands, they visited towns on the border of China and Russia. Click through to see some photos.

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Great Wall tower

Hiking photos - Badgers’ Pass and Lotus Pond Overnight, 2010/7/31

At the end of July we did our Badgers’ Pass and Lotus Pond Great Wall overnight hike, staying in a small guesthouse far out in the Beijing countryside. Click through to read about it, and to see some photos.

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Special Trip Photos - Tengger Desert, July 2010

In July 2010 we headed to a different area of Inner Mongolia’s Alashan Plateau for a 4-day trip that included two nights camping in the desert. Click through to see photos!

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Hikers walking through grasslands

Special Trip Photos - Bashang Grasslands, 2010/06/18

In June 2010 we made a two day trip to the Bashang Grasslands in the north of Hebei Province, very close to Inner Mongolia. During the trip we hiked, rode horses, and enjoyed a musical performance by local herdsmen and farmers. Click through for a selection of Huijie’s photos!

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Campsite in the mountains

Hiking photos - Yanqing Great Wall Camping, June 2010

This backpacking trip along the Great Wall took us into Hebei Province, where we followed the Wall between Big Camp Plate Village and Chenjiapu Village. We carried all of our food and gear, including tents, sleeping bags, clothes, and stoves, on our backs for the two-day trip. Click through to see some photos!

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Hikers in a rocky Canyon

Hiking photos - The Great Flood, 2010/06/06

On June 6th we headed out to Miyun County for the Great Flood hike, a very scenic trail that had us following rivers through boulder-filled canyons, climbing a steep valley, and walking through grassy meadows on the way to a village that was abandoned after a particularly large flood. Click through for photos and stats from the hike.

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Great Wall tower of the Zhenbiancheng section of Great Wall

Hiking photos - Zhenbiancheng and Big Plate Great Wall Challenge, 2010/5/15

Of the 18.5 kilometers we hiked, it seemed like we might have been walking on flat ground for just 1km in total. Despite a thick haze as we left the urban area of Beijing, we had breathtaking views of Hebei and the western border of Yanqing County as we tramped for seven and a half hours on the Zhenbiancheng section of the Great Wall. Click through for photos, a write-up, and statistics from the hike.

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