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View of Great Wall

Hiking photos - Big Black Mountain, 2009/12/12

Click through to see photos from our hike from Big Black Mountain to the Walled Village, a scenic walk through hills and small villages.

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Immortal Valley

Hiking photos - Immortal Valley, 2009/12/09

Immortal Valley is nice and shady in summer, and has a nice stream running right down the middle. In winter it all ices up, and this year the park workers diverted some of the water to create strange icy shapes in caves and on the cliff faces - click through to see some photos.

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Hiking photos - A Long Way to Catch the Train, 2009/12/06

Our Long Way to Catch the Train hike is a good long walk through the Beijing countryside, passing four small villages, and following a trail that some of the residents of those villages used to walk to get to the train station. Click through to see photos of village life and mountain scenery.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos - Flower Tower Great Wall, 2009/12/05

The Flower Tower is a long way from Beijing’s city center, making it a section of interesting Great Wall that is certainly not that well known, or often visited. We went out there on a nice, clear Saturday - click through to see some of the photos we took.

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Hiking photos - War Tunnels and Lost Village, 2009/12/03

For this Wednesday trip we paid a visit to the War Tunnels Museum on the outskirts of Shunyi District before walking a nice hillside trail in Pinggu District, ending up at the Lost Village - click through to see photos from the hiking part of the day.

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Inside Tanzhe Temple

Hiking photos - Ingot Village and Tanzhe Temple, 2009/11/29

We’ve often passed Tanzhe Temple on the way to a hike, but don’t usually have enough time to look around inside. This time we had a guided tour of the temple after a hike around an interesting nearby village. Click through to see photos from the hike and inside the temple.

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Descent down wall

Hiking photos - The High Tower, 2009/11/28

We hiked through quite a lot of snow on this visit to the High Tower in Yanqing District, and it made the hike a lot of fun. The weather was clear, and we got some good photos - click through to read more about the hike, and see the statistics and photos.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos - Ming Dynasty River City, 2009/11/25

For one of our Wednesday trips we drove out to Mentougou District to visit a Ming Dynasty ‘River City.’ Click through to see photos from the area, including some big Great Wall towers.

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Grinding beans with donkey

Hiking photos - Triangle Hike, 2009/11/22

We had cold-but-good weather for this countryside stroll in Changping District. It was a quiet day, with not many people out and about in the hills - click through to see photos of hills, trees, snow, and some countryside life.

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Great Wall on hills

Hiking photos - Huangyaguan Great Wall, 2009/11/18

On a cold but clear Wednesday we took a long drive out to the Huangyaguan Great Wall, a section of the wall not often visited by Beijingers - click through to see some photos from the trip.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos - Great Wall Spur, 2009/11/15

On November 15th we headed up to the Great Wall Spur for what worked out as a very nice hike - clear skies, a little bit of snow on the ground, some good climbing exercise, and a very tasty meal afterwards. Click through to see photos from the trip.

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Brushes and trees on riverside

Hiking photos - Longyunshan ‘Heavenly Lake,’ 2009/11/14

It was a cold but clear day when we walked up to the ‘Heavenly Lake’ at Longyunshan - perfect weather for this nice, easy hike far out in Miyun District. Click through for photos from the trip.

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Entrance to old temple in Ingot Village

Hiking photos - Ten-Thousand Buddhas, Ancient Horse Hoofprints

During the weekend of November 7-8 we went hiking twice - on the first day of the weekend we walked through the Village of Two-Thousand Chickens on our Ancient Horse Hoofprints hike, and on the 8th we visited the ruins of the Hall of Ten-Thousand Buddhas - click through to see a few photos from both of those hikes.

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Aershan Tianchi, Inner Mongolia

Hiking photos - A’ershan Forest National Park, October 2009

In October we visited A’ershan Forest National Park, a 100,000+ hectare nature reserve in Inner Mongolia famous for its volcanic landscapes, mountaintop lakes, deep forests, grasslands, rivers, and mineral-rich springs. Huijie made good use of her camera on the trip - click through to see shots of lakes, forests, grassland, and amazing autumn colours.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos - Ming Village overnight, Oct. 17-18, 2009

We had an excellent two days of hiking in and around out of Cuandixia, a Ming Dynasty-era village in the hills of Mentougou - click through to see photos from the hikes and other activities.

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