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Tower on Great Wall

Jinshanling Study Trip photos, 2009/09/23

We had great weather and a friendly group of people for this trip to the Great Wall, and were accompanied for some of the way by an expert from China’s Great Wall Conservation Association. The weather was perfect for photography - click through to see some photos from the trip.

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Coffin Village performance

Hiking photos - Walk Like a Pilgrim and Coffin Village

Click through for photos from two recent hikes: the misty and cloudy Walk Like a Pilgrim, and the sunny and easygoing Coffin Village visit.

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Highest Tower thumbnail picture

Hiking photos - The Highest Tower, Sept. 12 2009

On the 12th of September we took a walk up to what might not actually be the highest Great Wall tower in Beijing, a discovery which may lead to a revision of title and difficulty rating. Nonetheless, it was a lovely hike on a lovely day - click through to see photos and check the statistics.

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Brushrest Mountain peaks

Hiking photos - Brush-rest Mountain, Sept. 5 2009

Brush-rest Mountain is named for its jagged peaks that take the shape of the brush rest that is used in traditional Chinese painting. On September 5th we took a walk up and down valleys in the area, getting a view of the peaks from different angles and crossing sections of Great Wall - click through for some photos from the hike.

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Campers around fire

Chestnut Orchard Camping photos, Aug. 29-30

We spent the weekend of the 29th and 30th of August camping in a chestnut orchard, hiking on both days, and spending a night outside in tents. Click through for some excellent photos from the trip, contributed by campers Han Ye and Chuck.

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Wading through the pool

Two Valley Walk hiking photos, August 24

On the 24th of August we took a walk through the Two Valleys, this time doing the loop walk in the opposite direction to our normal route. The valleys were green and leafy after all the recent rain in Beijing, and the streams were running a little higher than usual.

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Winding wall on hills

Yanqing Great Wall hiking photos, August 23

We had a good, tough day of hiking in the hills of Yanqing District on Saturday the 23rd of August - click through to see photos from the hike and get the stats.

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Eastern Qing Tombs photos, August 19

Click through to see some pictures from our Eastern Qing Tombs study trip on August 19th - wet weather, but still a good day at an interesting place.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos August 15-16

Click through to see a whole lot of photos from our hikes on the 15th (Lotus Pond to Mutianyu) and 16th (Intelligence Valley) of August. Included are shots of the Great Wall, and the ‘Intelligence Test’ we gave to hikers after they had completed the Intelligence Valley walk.

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Tower on Great Wall

Hiking photos June 27-28

We’ve picked out a few photos from our hikes on June 27 (Mines and Pines hike) and June 28 (Switchback Great Wall) - click through to have a look.

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Hiking group

Hiking photos from May 2009

We got some good photos of the sights and hikers on our recent trips to the Eastern Qing Tombs and Dahaituo Mountain - click through to have a look at some of them.

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Huangcaoliang Cleanup Hike Photos

On April 18th a bunch of keen hikers went out to the Huangcaoliang Plateau to do a cleanup hike, and collected a whole lot of trash and litter; here we’ve got some photos from the hike, click through and have a look. Many thanks to all that helped!

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Pinnacle Tower, 2004/09/05

Various photos from the Pinnacle Tower hike

See a collection of 22 photos from various hikes to the Pinnacle Tower, with photos dated from 2005–2013.

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 Big Black Mountain to the Walled Village, 2003/09

Big Black Mountain to the Walled Village, 2003/09

Travel back to 2003 with Beijing Hikers, with shots from the Big Black Mountain hike. Click through to see the photos, with some more modern shots to compare.

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