Meeting Point

Address, taxi card, and a map to help you find the meeting point for your bus transfer to the Hiking Festival

Meet us in front of the big carpark between Exit A and Exit D1 of the Agriculture Exhibition Center subway station on Line 10.

The bus for the Challenge departs at 6:30am sharp on September 9. Check in begins at 6:00am.

The bus for the Hike for Fun departs at 8:00am sharp on September 9. Check in begins at 7:30am.

Be on time. We can't wait if you're late.

We'll bring you back to the same place after the festival has finished.

Show this taxi card to your driver.

地铁10号线 农业展览馆站 东直门外大街和东三环路交叉口的东边

Use this map to find us once you're in the area.

Map of the meeting point

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