Cancellation Policy

Changing the plan if necessary

What happens if you need to cancel. What happens if we need cancel or postpone the event. What happens if the air quality is bad.

Acceptance of our Cancellation Policy is required if you're going to participate in this event.

When you sign up online, you'll need to read our waiver and tick the little box that says you've read and accept the waiver. You'll need to agree to our participation guidelines. You'll need to accept the cancellation policy for the event. On the day of the festival we’ll ask you to sign a printed version of the waiver.

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Please read our cancellation policy below.

Event Cancellation or Postponement

The event will take place as planned unless weather conditions are forecast to be dangerous.

On the 5th we'll check the weather; if the weather is forecast to dangerous we will postpone the event.

If the event is cancelled on the day for reasons beyond control of the event organisers, there will be no refunds.

The decision to cancel or postpone the event will be made at the sole discretion of the event organisers.

Examples of dangerous weather conditions include electrical storms and heavy rain or snow

If you cancel your participation, can you get a refund?

We can't give a refund for cancellations on or after September 1, 2017. We can give a full refund if you contact us before that date.

We can’t give a refund if you don’t show up on time on the morning of the event. If you miss the bus for the Challenge you may choose to join the later departure for the Hike for Fun.

Air Quality

The event will go ahead regardless of air quality.

We can't give a refund if you cancel your participation because of the air quality.

Good news, though. The air quality in the area in which the event takes place is usually better than that of Beijing City. See the current air quality and forecast for the area on the website.

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