Hill trails and chestnut orchards in Huairou, Beijing.

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Spend your weekend out of the city, and socialise while you walk. There's more to Beijing hiking than just the Great Wall.

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Desert dunes in Inner Mongolia.

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From Silk Road deserts to mountain paths, from ancient ruins and traditional culture in mountain villages to the stunning scenery of the Zhangye Danxia Landform—join our active trips and really explore China.

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The Great Wall at Jinshanling, Hebei Province.

Hike the Great Wall

Step off the tourist trail and hike the ‘wild’ Wall, with trips from Beijing to secluded and scenic sections of China’s old frontier.

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Private Hikes & Events

If you've got something special planned for a small or large group, we can help you to take friends, family, students, staff, or co-workers on a private trip to the Great Wall and other scenic areas in Beijing.

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Going underground at Stone Flowers Cave for a Kids Club hike.

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Take a look through our photos and news section to see write-ups and photo blogs from our hikes and trips—see our shots of Great Wall, small country villages, plus forests, rivers, mountains, and more.

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