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Our ‘Get Information’ section is a collection of information and answers to common questions. If your question isn't covered here let us know – we'll get back to you and make sure everything is all clear.

Key things to know

What to bring on a hike

In Brief: Things to bring for a comfortable and safe hike.

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How to make a reservation

In Brief: Use our online booking forms to sign up, send us an email, or call us on the phone.

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How difficult are the hikes?

In Brief: Read a rundown of our rating system to find out which hikes are most suitable for you.

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Finding the meeting points

In Brief: Information about finding the two places that we meet before departing for the hikes in Beijing.

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More common questions

Beijing Hikers membership and discounts

In Brief: Become a Beijing Hikers club member; enjoy discounts and benefits!

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Visiting our office

In Brief: Find out how to get to our office in the Jiuxianqiao area.

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Finding hiking equipment in Beijing

In Brief: Where to get the gear you'll need for hiking in Beijing.

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Social media, blogs, and photos

In Brief: Share your experience with us as well as other hikers.

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Can I bring my drone to the hike?

In Brief: Short answer: it's better you don't.

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Can I bring my dog to the hike?

In Brief: Short answer: probably no, maybe yes. Check with us first.

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If it says ‘Standby list’ or ‘All go’ can I still join the hike or trip?

In Brief: Join the standby list and we’ll get in touch if there’s a place for you.

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How to choose the best Great Wall hike

In Brief: Read the Beijing Hikers guide to choosing the perfect Great Wall hike.

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How to choose which hike to do in Beijing

In Brief: Read the Beijing Hikers guide to choosing the perfect hike to do in Beijing.

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Work at Beijing Hikers

In Brief: Opportunities for work at Beijing Hikers.

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Media and Press

In Brief: Information for writers, editors, photographers, videographers.

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For Travel Agents

In Brief: Find a more adventurous Great Wall option for your clients.

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Getting more information

In this section of the website you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about hiking with us.

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Is there any information missing? Get in contact with us, we're happy to answer questions about anything!

Hikes and trips

Hike in Beijing: Join-in hikes and trips to the Great Wall, hills, mountains, forests, and village around Beijing, every week. We have a range of difficulty levels, with hikes that are suitable for casual walkers as well as the super-fit. View the full schedule of hikes in Beijing »

Trips around China: Multi-day trips around China — visits to famous scenic areas, as well as those obscure and less well-known. View the full schedule of our trips around China »