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How to make a reservation

In Brief: Use our online booking forms to sign up, send us an email, or call us on the phone.

Signing up for a hike or trip is easy, and if you use our online booking forms your reservation will get into our booking system and you'll get confirmation more quickly.

If you'd prefer a different method, you can send your details by email or give us a call on the phone. (Or even try a fax!)

Online reservation

This is the best way to sign up: your reservation gets into our booking system, you'll get a quicker reply, and you can make sure we receive accurate contact details.

How you book online: Hit the ‘Book your place’ button for a hike or trip, and you’ll be directed to our easy-to-use booking form. Fill the form, click the button, and your reservation will be sent through. And that's pretty much it! We'll send you an email with more information about your booking, and all you’ll need to do after that is get ready for a fun day out!


If you'd like, you can email all the details to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we'll sign you up offline. Remember to include your phone number, the name of the hike and the date, and any other information that's relevant.

About email bookings: We get a lot of email, and sometimes things go missing along the way – perhaps an overzealous junk mail filter, perhaps a clumsy finger on the delete button. If you've sent us email and not had a timely reply, please send it through again, with a descriptive subject, or give us a quick call to find out what’s happened.


If you'd like to talk to someone about your booking, we'd be very happy to have a chat. You can get through to us on +86 (10) 6432-2786. Our phone person will take down your details, and we'll sign you up and send more information by email.

The problem with the phone: Sometimes the phone connection is not clear, and that makes it very difficult to take down your email address and phone number, which we both need to make a booking for you. It's much easier to enter the information into a booking form or email, especially if you've got a long email address. (And then there's less chance we’ll accidentally get your important details mixed up!)

Getting more information

In this section of the website you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about hiking with us.

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Is there any information missing? Get in contact with us, we're happy to answer questions about anything!

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