How to book a hike or trip

Use our online booking forms to sign up, send us an email, or call us on the phone.

Signing up for a hike or trip is easy, and if you use our online booking forms your reservation will get into our booking system and you’ll get confirmation more quickly.

  1. Find hikes and trips in our calendar and list views.
  2. Click through from there to see full details and booking information.
  3. Click the booking button and fill online booking form.

Find hikes and trips in the calendar

The calendar shows all the hikes and trips that are scheduled, including the price and difficulty level. Click through from the calendar to see the full details and booking information.
View the calendar of hikes and trips

Find hikes and trips in lists

The list views show a list of hikes and trips ordered by date, including price, difficulty level, departure times, a photo, and a brief description. Click through from the list to see the full details and booking information.
List of hikes and trips in Beijing / List of trips around China

Once you’ve found the hike or trip you’d like to join, click the booking button and fill in the online booking form.

You could send your details by email or give us a call on the phone (or even try a fax!), but we’d prefer that you book through the website.

Booking by email

Email all the details to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll sign you up offline. Remember to include your phone number, the name of the hike and the date, and any other information that's relevant.

About email bookings: We get a lot of email, and sometimes things go missing along the way – perhaps an overzealous junk mail filter, perhaps a clumsy finger on the delete button. If you've sent us email and not had a reply within a few working days, please send it through again, with a descriptive subject, or give us a quick phone call.

Booking by phone call

If you’d like to talk to someone about your booking, we'd be very happy to have a chat. Our office number +86 (10) 6432-2786, and we're available during regular working hours (9am–6pm, Monday to Friday). Our phone person will take down your details, and we'll sign you up and send more information by email.

The problem with the phone: Sometimes the phone connection is not clear, and that makes it very difficult to take down your email address and phone number, which we both need to make a booking for you. It's much easier to enter the information into a booking form or email, especially if you've got a long email address.

Booking by fax

We were just kidding about the fax! Please don't try a fax booking!