Visiting our office

Find out how to get to our office in the Jiuxianqiao area.

Our office is a five- to ten-minute taxi ride from our Lido Metropark Hotel meeting point, and we’re very close to the Indigo Mall and Jiangtai Subway Station. The office is not too hard to find: there are bus stops nearby, and taxi drivers don't complain much about driving over this way.

Office Location

Potevio Industrial Innovation Park
Building B1, Second Floor, Room 221
5 Jiangtai Lu
Chaoyang District, Beijing 100015

北京市朝阳区 100015

The (temporary) entrance to the Potevio Innovation Park
The (temporary) entrance to the Potevio Innovation Park at 5 Jiangtai Lu.

Helpful hints

Getting closer

We’re a short walk east from the Indigo Mall and the Jiangtai Subway Station on Line 14.

Heading east, keep an eye out on your left for the entrance to the Potevio Innovation Park. Head in that way and turn right to find our building, which is the second on your right.

UPDATE: As of September 2018 the main entrance is being repaired, so use the entrance by the Hi-Fi shop, pictured above. Head in and turn right, and walk all the way down to the second building on the right side of the road.

The bus stop closest to the Potevio Innovation Park entrance is the Jiangtai Lu East Stop. (将台路东站)

The entrance to the Building B1 in the Potevio Innovation Park
The entrance to our building.

Once you're in the building

Take the stairs (or the elevator … ) to the second floor; we're in Room 221, near the end of the long corridor, on the right side. Don’t pay too much attention to the room numbers – they’re not in any sort of logical order.

Online Maps

If you search ‘Beijing Hikers’ on Google Maps our old address will come up. We're currently unable to change that.