Can I bring my drone to the hike?

Short answer: it's better you don't.

We ask that you do not bring a drone to any of the hikes or trips.

No-fly zones

Some of the hiking trails are in the area of military installations. Some of the hiking trails may be in the area of a military installation we are not aware of. If a drone is flown in the same area as a military installation the consequences could be extremely serious. There’s nothing we can do to help if soldiers get involved.

Loss of drone

If a drone crashes we will not hold up the hike while a search is made for it, because of the effect on the other participants. We will not leave people in the mountains by themselves, either. We prefer to avoid this sort of situation altogether.

If you do bring a drone to a hike or trip, you’re risking loss of the drone at best, and arrest and imprisonment at worst.