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How to choose which hike to do in Beijing

In Brief: Read the Beijing Hikers guide to choosing the perfect hike to do in Beijing.

Beijing is surprisingly good for hiking, with mountains that run from the west around to the northeast, and a lot of hiking trails and scenic areas that are a fairly quick 1.5-2 hour drive from the city.

If you’re ready to see more of Beijing’s hills, mountains, rivers, and villages, we’ve picked out a few that are well worth a look.

How to choose one? We've grouped them into the main categories that people ask us about—our personal favourite hikes, then tough hikes, long hikes, hikes with cultural and historical elements, and easy hikes. We hope this information helps give you some ideas!

Click any of the hikes listed to read a full description. If it says that the hike is not currently available for booking, please contact us to find out when we’ll be making our next visit.

(p.s. If you’re looking specifically for a Great Wall hike, read our guide to choosing the perfect Great Wall hike.)

Our favourites

These hikes are the type our guides love—great scenery and sights, and a good workout. Hikes like this often show up in our tough hikes section (Level 4 and up).

Hikers on the way up the Immortal Valley park trails

Immortal Valley Loop

Level 4 / Hike through and out of a park to reach a beautiful ridgeline trail with views of mountains and the Miyun Reservoir.
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Hiking up a bouldery canyon

Great Flood hike

Level 3+ / Hike up the Yunmeng Gorge and then cross a mountain path before hiking out a boulder-filled valley.
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Hiking on the ridges above the Yellow Grass Plateau

Yellow Grass Plateau and Seven Towers

Level 5 / Hike up to the scenic Yellow Grass Plateau and cross it to find the 'Seven Towers'.
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Hiking on the ridgelines near Miaofengshan

Miaofengshan Super Loop

Level 4 / Hike up on to the ridgeline of the mountains opposite Miaofengshan Temple and make a big 16km loop all the way around, climbing 1,000m-plus on the way. One of the most popular areas for hiking in Beijing.
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Fording the White River

White River hike

Level 3 / Stay cool in summer with a hike that will get your feet wet, fording the river on this long and level canyon hike that passes beneath tall cliffs.
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Hiking down the frozen White River

White River Ice Hike

Level 3 / Follow a trail that crosses a frozen river in Miyun District, walking out down a long canyon and passing below cliffs on the way to the end.
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Tough hikes for experienced hikers

On these hikes you’ll get a full day of exercise and a lot of climbing up and down hills and mountains. See more in our tough hikes section (Level 4 and up).

Hikers on the peak of Heituo Mountain

Heituo Mountain

Level 5+ / Head up to the craggy peak of the big mountain behind Nine-Eyes Tower at Jiankou, and then down into the wild valleys and hills on the other side.
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Craggy peaks in the Yudu Mountains

Yudu Mountains and Sujia River

Level 4+ / Hike over a 1,000m pass and down the Sujia River, passing Yinmeng Temple on the way, then hike back over a different 1,000m pass to get back on the Beijing side of the mountains. Awesome views of mountains, cliffs, canyons, and the river.
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High mountain views in the west of Beijing

Over the Hills to Dajue Temple

Level 5 / Make the tough hike up to and along Vulture Rock Ridge, finishing off the hike with the long descent to Dajue Temple.
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A long line of rough Great Wall in the mountains of Zhangjiakou's Huailai County

Zhenbiancheng Great Wall and Big Camp Plate Challenge

Level 5+ / One of our most challenging treks, covering a long section of wild wall in Beijing's northwest. Suited to experienced and fit hikers
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Long views of Great Wall in Yanqing County, Beijing

Yanqing Great Wall and High Tower Challenge

Level 5+ / A challenging day hike that follows trails through the hills in a remote corner of Beijing, peaking at a Great Wall tower 1,440m above sea level.
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If you like long hikes that are not extremely difficult

These are all good long hikes without too much steep climbing. See more like this in the hillwalking section (Level 3 and up, no Great Wall).

Shuitou Village | Taking a break high up in the hills behind Shuitou Village

Shuitou Village Loop hike

Level 4 / Hike over the hills to isolated Shuitou Village, hidden deep in the hills of Huailai District. Great hilly scenery and exercise, and a walk through at a village that hasn't changed much since the '80s.
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The top trail on the Rolling Hills hike

Rolling Hills and Empty Lanes

Level 3 / A long but not difficult ramble along country trails and lanes through pine forests, cornfields, orchards, villages, and farmland in Miyun District.
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Hikers walking through chestnut orchards

Big Black Mountain to Moss Mountain

Level 4+ / An 18km trek through the Huairou hills, passing through terraced valleys full of chestnut trees.
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Hikers walking towards green hills

Flower Wood to Haizi Village

Level 3+ / Hike the hills of Huairou, passing orchards, fields, reservoirs, and small villages—a nice long walk without too much climbing.
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Cultural and historical

Pilgrim trails, temples and tombs in the hills, and ancient villages.

Hiking down through the forest to Dajue Temple

Walk Down The Incense Trail to Dajue Temple

Level 3 / Follow an ancient pilgrims' trail through the hills and forests of Mentougou District, finishing up with a look about Dajue Temple.
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A view of the stone houses of Cuandixia, Mentougou District

Ming Village day trip

Level 2+ / Spend the day out in Cuandixia, a Ming Dynasty-era village in the mountains west of Beijing – first a walk in the hills near the village, then a good look about the old courtyards, temples, and narrow lanes of the village itself. Lunch included. Shunyi Pinnacle Plaza pickup.
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A view from the high point of the hike

Tomb Raiders hike and Ding Tomb’s ‘Underground Palace’

Level 3 / Hike a hill trail in the mountains that form the feng shui barrier for the Ming Tombs; go underground at Ding Tomb, one of the largest of the thirteen Ming Tombs.
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The Silver Pagodas stand on the site of a temple first built during the Tang Dynasty

Silver Pagoda Loop

Level 3 / Follow a trail through the Changping countryside, passing villages, quarries, and a local shrine on the way to the Silver Pagodas, a set of five well-preserved 600-year-old pagodas that are all that remains of a big Buddhist temple.
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Easier walks

See more in our easy hikes schedule (Level 1 and Level 2).

Hiking kids cross stepping stones over a river in Intelligence Valley

Intelligence Valley and Liyuan Library

Level 2 / A relaxing stroll that follows a stream through a wooded valley, passing pools and sandy beaches on the way to the end.
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Walking trails through chestnut orchards

Zhuangdaokou to the Walled Village

Level 2 / A relaxing and easy 2–3 hour stroll between two villages on either side of the Great Wall, with an option to get a little more exercise by taking a climb on the wall that we pass on the way.
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Hiking up a valley trail

Lily Village to Flower Wood

Level 2 / Hike the hills of Huairou, passing orchards, fields, reservoirs, and small villages. Shunyi Pinnacle Plaza pick up available
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