Can I bring my dog to the hike?

Short answer: probably no, maybe yes. Check with us first.

We ask that you contact us pre-booking to confirm suitability.

Some of the hikes are okay for dogs, but some of the hikes are unsuitable.

We must consider the other participants on a hike who may be allergic to or fearful of dogs. We will give priority to the other participants.

If we do find a suitable hike for you and your dog, be aware of the following conditions:

  1. You must keep your dog leashed or close to you at all times. If your dog becomes lost we are not able to organise a search party, nor are we able to delay the hike for a search because of the effect on other participants. We are also not able to leave you in the mountains.
  2. You must keep your dog under control. We need to avoid any possible conflicts arising from dogs injuring or otherwise annoying other participants or people we meet because of the negative effect on the hike or trip.
  3. You must keep your dog off the seats on the bus, because the drivers get mad when they have to clean up hair.
  4. We can have two dogs at most on any one hike.

We have had some perfectly-behaved dogs on hikes and trips. We have also had some bad experiences, resulting in complaints.

If it doesn’t work out with our hikes, we’re happy to recommend some places you can visit by yourself.