Beijing Hikers membership and discounts

Become a Beijing Hikers club member; enjoy discounts and benefits!

Beijing Hikers members get discounted prices on hikes and trips and a ‘Ten Stamps’ discount after every 10 hikes completed with us.

If you’re with your family and children in Beijing you can use your membership to bring them along, too.

Membership costs ¥300 a year for the first two years. When you renew for a second year you’ll become a lifetime member.

The more hikes you do, the more the discount adds up. And by hiking more often you’ll get to know the other members and the guides—a great way to socialise with like-minded people.

If you’re planning to do a lot of hikes in Beijing, a Beijing Hikers membership makes a lot of sense. If you do one of our long trips, the membership pays for itself immediately.

On this page

  1. How to become a member
  2. Beijing Hikers membership discount and benefits
  3. Member discounts for kids
  4. Lifetime membership details
  5. Terms and conditions

How to become a member

Become a member by paying the membership fee of ¥300 on a hike or with a trip payment.

We’ll help you organise your membership—write a note with your booking for a hike or trip, or contact us directly, and we’ll let you know what to do.

On a day hike your guides can arrange your membership, and you get the discount straight away.

The membership fee can also be paid with your advance payment for one of the multi-day trips.

After you become a member you qualify for discounts and benefits. Your membership will last for one year from the date of payment.

Contact us to set up your Beijing Hikers membership.

Beijing Hikers membership discounts and benefits

Discounts for Beijing Hikers members

For regular hikes in Beijing You get a 10% discount on the full price.
For Explore China trips You get a 5% discount on the full price.
A further fixed discount is given for payments made before the early payment date.
‘Ten Stamps’ discount You get a discount of ¥350 after every 10 stamps received in your members log book. ¥350 is usually enough to cover the cost of a day hike.


  • The members log book—record the name, date, and distance of each hike you complete with Beijing Hikers, and get your stamps for the Ten Stamps discount.
  • The Beijing Hikers membership card and pin.
  • First option on standby list if the hike is fully booked – if someone cancels you’ll be first in line to get a spot.
  • Other irregular and random one-off benefits as they are devised.

Membership discounts for kids

We extend your membership to your children to make it easier for you to bring them out for a hike.

If you’re a Beijing Hikers member, the following discounts apply when you make a booking for yourself and and at least one child.

Family membership details

For regular hikes in Beijing Your partner and children get the 10% discount on the full price, as long as there's one child included in the booking.
For Explore China trips Adults (i.e. 18 and older) receive the same 5% discount on the full price of the trip, and the fixed discount for payments made before the early payment date.
Prices for children under the age of 18 are a fixed percentage of the lowest members price.
As with the hikes in Beijing, there must be at least one child included in the booking.

Lifetime membership

Become a lifetime member by renewing your membership for a second year, or take a short cut to lifetime membership by paying ¥500.

Terms and conditions

Membership discounts

  • On the day hikes, bring the card and/or logbook with you to be safe. After a few hikes we will likely recognise you; a look at your card will make it certain.
  • One discount for one person per card per hike, unless it’s for your immediate family.
  • Membership is not transferable.
  • There might be a small cost to replace a lost card.

Log book system

  • Bring your log book on the hikes so we can give you your stamp for each hike.
  • If you miss a stamp, email us so we can make a note on the name list for the guide to stamp it on your next hike. The guides can’t backdate stamps without a note from the office.
  • Your log book will be the only place where this will all be recorded. So don’t lose it! If it is lost, we’ll try to help you piece it all back together.
  • To get your Ten Stamps discount show us the 10 stamps in your logbook, and we’ll apply the discount to your next hike or trip payment.

Questions about membership? Contact us