Rolling Hills | A view of Stonewall Village, nestled in the rolling hills of Miyun District
A view of Stonewall Village, nestled in the rolling hills of Miyun District.

Rolling Hills and Empty Lanes

A long but not difficult ramble along country trails and lanes through pine forests, cornfields, orchards, villages, and farmland in Miyun District.

Level 3
3–4 hours start to finish over 13km. (Can I do it?)

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This trail took us five scouting trips to put together and covers a wide range of countryside scenery, including country trails and lanes, pine forests, orchards, farmland, a reservoir, the Stonewall Village, and a chicken farm, and we may see some shepherds rambling about as well.

We’ll start off following a lane up to a small village nestled in a valley. From there we will follow a patchy trail over the hill to the Stonewall Village, named for the rocks on the bare hill that protect it from northerly winds – some say it looks a bit like Dartmoor in England.

Branching off the lane that leads away from Stonewall Village is a hidden trail that will soon lead us to a clear path through the pine forest. The forest floor is has a thick covering of pine needles, and villagers often come to the forest to collect firewood. On one of our scouting trips we lost the trail, but after following the sound of breaking twigs we found a few farmers collecting firewood, and they were able to get us back on track.

The top trail on the Rolling Hills hike
The top trail on the Rolling Hills hike. (Click for larger image)

The trail leads out of the forest and follows a zig-zag path past an aqueduct and through farmland, and will take us up the rolling hills to a clear and open ridge. There are some great views to be had at this point, and it’s not likely we will see many people about.

This walk is quite long, but it’s not difficult – there is not a lot of climbing up and down. The views are excellent, and the sparse population makes it a very peaceful area to walk in.

COVID-19 and participation precautions

The current precautions are minimal. Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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