White River and Longyunshan | Looking back down to the river canyon after the big climb
Looking back down to the river canyon after the big climb.

White River and Longyunshan

A longer version of the White River hike, with a steep climb up on to Dragon Cloud Mountain added at the end of the regular riverside trail.

Level 3+
Mostly easy, with an extended climb up Dragon Cloud Mountain. 3–4 hours of hiking over approx. 10km. (Can I do it?)

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The White River hike is nearly all flat, aside from the long descent down to the riverside and a few small bumps along the way. For an extra challenge, we’re going to add on the steep climb up to the reservoir on Dragon Cloud Mountain, making this a scenic walk with a bit of a kick to finish.

The hike

We start at a small scenic area at the top of a long, rocky canyon that leads down to the river. We'll follow the park trails down to the riverside, a walk of around 45 minutes.

After arriving at the riverside we’ll start following the river as it winds down through a deep and wide canyon with numerous forks and steep rocky cliffs, making this an extremely picturesque hike.

Just after halfway on the hike we'll stop by a ford in the river for a lunch break. It’s the perfect place for a paddle in the river in summer. On this visit you’ll probably want to skip the swimming!

We’ll continue down the river for another 30 minutes before crossing over on a bridge made of large stone blocks.

Crossing over gets us on to the Dragon Cloud Mountain side of the river, and it’s here we’ll find the steep trail that will take us up to the top.

The climb has about 150m of elevation gain over just about 500m of trail – it’s a steep one!

We’ll come out near the reservoir at the top of the mountain, with superb views back down to the river canyon.

The trail continues over to the lower bluffs of Dragon Cloud Mountain, bare rock that turns to sheer cliffs.

The reservoir at the top of the mountain
The reservoir at the top of the mountain. (Click for larger image)

It’s a very picturesque location, and it’s often used in film sets. We’ll see if there’s been any recent film action; often prop houses are left behind. We’ve heard that filmed here recently were some of the scenes from the TV version of the Three Body Problem.

Past the bluffs and cliffs we’ll find the trail that takes us back down to the riverside—this time not so steep.

After we get back down to the river it’s a short walk out to finish the hike.

COVID-19 and participation precautions

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