Longyunshan ‘Dragon Cloud Mountain’ | Crossing the ice at Dragon Cloud Mountain
Crossing the ice at Dragon Cloud Mountain.

Kids Club: Dragon Cloud Mountain and White River

Follow a flat trail up the frozen White River to find a safe spot to play on the ice, then cross over and climb a hill track to visit the crags and reservoir atop Dragon Cloud Mountain.

Level 2+
3–4 hours of hiking over approx. 7km. (Can I do it?)

This hike is not currently scheduled

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On this relatively relaxed hike we’ll take a stroll about the ‘Dragon Cloud Mountain’ Scenic Area, first following easy trails up the White River, stopping for a break by the riverside, then crossing over to find the trail that leads up to the local ‘Heavenly Lake.’

Kids club: relaxed outings for kids to enjoy some family time in nature. Best for ages 5 and up. Younger children would probably want to skip the climb up the mountain; an easier option is available.


Itinerary for the hike
08:30 Driving to the hike, stopping for a bathroom break
10:30 Start walking, taking breaks on the way to the river crossing
11:30 Picnic and time to play and explore on the ice and frozen river
12:15 Cross over the river
12:30 Big kids start the climb up the mountain, little kids follow a flat trail by the river
14:00 Finish with snacks and drinks by the bus
14:30 Driving back, stopping for a bathroom break
16:30 Arrive at Lido, then on to Liangmaqiao
Views of the White River canyon
Views of the White River canyon. (Click for larger image)

The hike

The first part of the hike follows a flat trail by the river. We’ll hike for about 40 minutes to reach one of the river crossings, where we’ll stop for a break.

At this time of the year the river should be frozen solid, and we’ll find a safe place to play about on the ice.

We’ll then get on to the trails on the north side of the river and follow the park trail up to the ‘Heavenly Lake’, a farm reservoir on ‘Dragon Cloud’ Mountain. The trail up to the top is steep in places, but with a bit of effort we’ll get up to the top to enjoy the views of the river canyon and surrounding cliffs. (We’ll also offer the option to skip the climb and return along the flat trail by the river.)

NOTE: the cliffs are fenced off, nonetheless children should be kept away from the cliffs.

An easier trail leads down from the reservoir, and we’ll finish the hike with a quick stroll along the raised metal walkway by the side of the river.

Please contact us if you'd like more details about the plan.

Looking down from Dragon Cloud Mountain
Looking down from Dragon Cloud Mountain. (Click for larger image)

Participation notes

Safety and supervision: we choose hikes that are not dangerous, and we’ll warn you about any parts of the hike that require extra attention. You’re responsible for watching your children. We’ll let you know where’s good to play. You’ll need to watch the children on the ice, particularly if there are open areas of water. The cliffs on Dragon Cloud Mountain are fenced off, nonetheless, children should be kept away from the cliffs.

Vehicle: all participants must wear seatbelts while in the vehicle. Ask us about bringing your car seat, as certain seats might not fit.

Weather: if the weather doesn’t look like fun, we’ll cancel or postpone the hike.

Food: bring your own picnic lunch. We’ll supply some snacks and water for you.

Wet feet: there’s a chance of getting wet feet. Bring spare socks and pants with you in your hiking bag, just in case.

COVID-19 and participation precautions

The current precautions are minimal. Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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