Jinhai Lake hike | Views over the lake.
Views over the lake.

Jinhai Lake hike

New hike! Hike paved paths and lakeside tracks for super views of Pingu District’s Jinhai Lake, visiting viewpoints in the hills above the lake as well as walking trails right beside the water.

Level 3
Some steep ascents and descents in the first half. 3–4 hours of hiking over approx. 9km. (Can I do it?)

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This hike gives great views of Pingu District’s picturesque Jinhai Lake—first an overlook from the paved ridgeline trails of the hills beside the lake, followed by close-up views on from dirt tracks and trails right by the water.

There are some steep parts in the first half of the hike, with the higher ridgeline trails nearly 200m above the water. In the second half of the hike the trail is mostly flat, with one extended climb near the end.

After the hills, we hike down to the lakeside.
After the hills, we hike down to the lakeside. (Click for larger image)

We’ll take breaks as we go along, and we’ll stop for a lunch break at an open area right by the water, not too far from one of those internet-famous photo locations.

Things to see

Jinhai Lake

Jinhai Lake was created when the Juhe River was dammed in the 60s/70s. The lake is about 6.5km2 in size, and about 40m in its deepest parts. That makes it much smaller than the Miyun Reservoir and the Guanting Reservoir, which are the two largest lakes in Beijing Municipality. But because Jinhai Lake is not a protected area, like those two larger reservoirs are, we can hike by the lake here without getting in trouble with the Water Conservation Bureau.

Huguang Tower

At 25m tall, this tower on an island in the middle of the lake is a key background feature of photos taken at the previously-mentioned internet-famous photo location.

Colourful leaves and foliage

Parts of the hills around the lake are covered by forested areas, with the tree species planted specially to produce pretty colours in autumn.

On the water

Resorts on the more popular side of the lake offer speedboat rides from quay to quay, and we’ve seen paddle boarders out on the water here … and even Dragon Boats!

And more …

On a clear day you’ll be able to spot Great Wall in the distant hills: the General’s Pass section, and the ‘Sanjiebei’ section.

COVID-19 and participation precautions

The current precautions are minimal. Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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