Beidaihe Birdwatching Overnight

Take the train with us and spend a weekend with the migrating birds at Beidaihe, a seaside spot on the shores of the Yellow Sea.

Level 1
3–5 hours walking about each day. (Can I do it?)

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Seaside scene at Beidaihe
A seaside scene on the shore at Beidaihe.

Train tickets: We’re taking the train for this trip, and the tickets might sell out. If you’re interested in this trip, sign up right now and we’ll check for the availability of tickets.

Take the train and spend a weekend with the migrating birds at Beidaihe, a seaside spot on the shores of the Yellow Sea.

We’ll stay overnight in a local 4-star hotel and get in three birding sessions, accompanied by superstar birder Terry from Birding Beijing.

This time of year is the peak season for the migration of birds, and we’re going to see if we can beat our record of spotting 73 separate species in one weekend!

On this trip we’ll do three sessions of birdwatching: an evening to sunset session on the first day, and dawn and afternoon sessions on the second day.

What kind of birds might we see?

Herons and egrets; Gulls and plovers; Sandpipers and stilts; Snipes; Ducks; Grebes; Crakes; Sparrows and swallows; Kingfishers; Woodpeckers; Flycatchers.


Main meals and drinks, plus water to drink during the hikes, are included in the price of the hike. We’ll be eating Chinese food at restaurants in the town. Breakfast on the second day is at the hotel. Bring some snacks and some spending money to buy extras. Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements or food allergies.


We’ll stay a night in a (by local standard!) 4-star hotel. Each room at the hotel has a private shower and bathroom, and towels and bedding are provided. You’ll be sharing a room with another hiker. If you’d like a room to yourself, it can be arranged at an extra cost, if a room is available—usually not a problem!

Getting there

We’ll be taking the fast train to and from Beidaihe, and in order to purchase your train tickets (included in the price of the hike) we’ll need a copy of your passport.


Day One
07:15: Departure from Lido Hotel Starbucks
07:30: Departure from Liangmaqiao pickup point
08:30: Arrive at train station
12:07: Disembark at Beidaihe
12:30: Check into hotel, then go for lunch
15:00 Short drive to the birding area, walking and birdwatching until sunset
18:30: Dinner at restaurant
20:00: Free time, bed

Day Two
04:30: Coffee and light breakfast before an early morning birdwatching session
05:00: Drive to the birdwatching area
11:00: Finish first session, early lunch
13:30: Have a look around town
15:00: Final birding session
17:30: Dinner at restaurant
19:00: Drive to Beidaihe train station
All times approximate!

Itinerary note: the train we wanted may already be sold out, and we might come back to Beijing a little earlier.

What to bring

Comfortable, warm clothes
Hat and gloves, for chilly mornings and evenings
Waterproof clothing, just in case
Wash bag, toothbrush, towel
Binoculars, if you have them
Torch or headlamp
Your bird guide book (We’ll bring ours)
Thermos or hot water flask

Air-activated chemical handwarmers might also be good to bring, if you can find some!

What to not bring

Bright coloured clothing, and avoid ‘noisy’ clothing, too. Nylon and some of the synthetic jackets can make a loud swishing sound that can startle birds close by

Other notes

Birdwatching requires patience and silence, which might mean that this trip is not so suitable for young children.

We’ll need ten people signed up to be able to run this trip

Reasons you might not enjoy this trip

  • No hiking!

COVID-19 and participation precautions

The current precautions are minimal. Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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