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the Great Wall

Hiking photos – Cypress Wells Canyon and Yongning, 2012/10/31

Our Cypress Wells Canyon hike follows a trail through a canyon into a bowl-like valley in which there are several abandoned villages. The hike continues up to a ridgeline where there’s a stretch of broken-down Great Wall to look at. Click through to see photos of hills and cliffs, Great Wall, and hikers.

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Two old friends

Hiking photos – Changyucheng ‘Long Valley City,’ 2012/10/24

We did our Changyucheng ‘Long Valley City’ hike on a beautiful autumn day with warm sun and blue skies. Click through to see photos of the village, farm animals, the old city walls, and murals from the village temple.

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the water was freezing

Hiking photos – Dragon Spring Valley, 2012/10/17

On this weekday visit to Dragon Spring Valley, we saw some great scenery – Great Wall, hills, valleys, and autumn colours – and we took a short boat ride as well!. Click through to see photos!

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setting sun

Special trip photos – Jiayuguan Fortress and Zhangye “Coloured Cliffs,” 2012/10

In October 2012 we made a trip to Gansu Province to see the fortress at Jiayuguan, and the spectacular scenery of the Zhangye Danxia Landform. Click through to see photos!

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The sand dunes on this side

Special trip photos – Journey from the West, 2012/10

During the big October holiday we completed another Journey from the West, travelling along the Silk Road from Urumqi and passing through Turpan, Hami, and Dunhuang on the way to the big fortress at Jiayuguan. Click through to see photos!

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finish the hike

Hiking photos – Longevity Village to Lily Village, 2012/10/07

On the last day of the big October holiday we went all the way out to Changping District for the relatively relaxing Longevity Village to Lily Village hike. Click through to see photos!

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the wall

Hiking photos – Great Wall Spur, 2012/10/05

We did a lot of hiking during the big October holiday, and enjoyed excellent weather. Click through to see some photos from our Great Wall Spur hike!

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the Great Wall

Hiking photos – Zhenbiancheng Great Wall, 2012/10/04

Out in the far west of Beijing is the Zhenbiancheng Great Wall, a stretch of unrestored Ming Dynasty-era wall. We saw a lot of beautiful autumn colours on this visit – click through to see the photos.

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Hiking photos – Ming Village Overnight, 2012/09

Back in September, we headed west for a weekend out in the hills of Mentougou District. We stayed overnight in a guesthouse in Cuandixia, an ancient village, and hiked both days. The leaves were just starting to turn, and we saw some great scenery – click through for photos!

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Hiking photos – Longevity Village to the Ming Tombs, 2012/09/16

This hike took us along a route that follows old hill trails over the hills to the Ming Tombs area. It winds gently through chestnut and walnut orchards, up and down valleys and hills, before descending through a long valley that leads to the Deling and Yongling Tombs. Click through for photos and more!

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last hill

Hiking photos – Bashang Grasslands 2012/08

Click through to see photos from our August visit to the Bashang Grasslands in Hebei Province.

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the big towers

Special trip photos – Ancient City of Pingyao, 2012/08

In August we travelled by train to the old city of Pingyao on a 2.5 day trip. We strolled the streets and lanes and looked at temples and old courtyard residences, and got a good look at the colourful characters on the city streets. Click through to see the photos!

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leg position and stance

Hiking photos – Tai Chi and Silver Pagodas hike, 2012/08/04

On this outing we combined a scenic walk with an introduction to Tai chi. We walked from a small village up and over the hill to the pagodas, accompanied by a Tai chi master, and did two sessions of Tai chi in the hills near the Silver Pagodas. Click through to see some photos from the trip.

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Nice musical instrument

Special trip photos – Kashgar and Lake Karakul, July 2012

In July, 2012, we travelled to the far west of China to visit Kashgar and Lake Karakul, and to do some high-altitude trekking in the foothills of 7,546m Mt. Muztagh-Ata. During the trip we got a very good look at the special culture of the area, and we saw some big, big mountains. Click through to see all the photos!

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running water

Hiking photos – The Hidden Village, 2012/07/29

On our Hidden Village hike we saw the effects of the heavy rain experienced recently in Beijing. No worries about the weather on this day though – click through to see photos of beautiful blue skies, hills, and hikers.

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