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Great Wall tower

Hiking photos - Badgers’ Pass and Lotus Pond Overnight, 2010/7/31

At the end of July we did our Badgers’ Pass and Lotus Pond Great Wall overnight hike, staying in a small guesthouse far out in the Beijing countryside. Click through to read about it, and to see some photos.

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Special Trip Photos - Tengger Desert, July 2010

In July 2010 we headed to a different area of Inner Mongolia’s Alashan Plateau for a 4-day trip that included two nights camping in the desert. Click through to see photos!

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Hike and teambuilding for ThyssenKrupp, 2015/05

Hike and teambuilding for ThyssenKrupp, 2015/05

In Brief: We organised a hike and teambuilding activity for ThyssenKrupp.

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