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Trip reports archive: January, 2011

After lunch, Beijing Hikers Intelligence Valley hike

Hiking photos - Intelligence Valley, 2011/01/16

Intelligence Valley is a popular hike, so we made it part of our Seasons Series. We’ll be repeating it in the spring, summer, and autumn to see how the local scenery changes throughout the year. Although there was not any snow on this hike, the river was frozen and we still got to see some very impressive icefalls.

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Frozen waterfall in Immortal Valley

Hiking photos - Immortal Valley Loop, 2011/01/08

We headed out to Immortal Valley, near the Miyun Reservoir, for a hike that took us past frozen pools and waterfalls and up to a ridgeline lookout. Click through for photos of frozen waterfalls, ice climbers, and blue skies.

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Frozen river

Hiking photos - New Years Day Longyunshan hike, 2011/01/01

For our first hike of 2011 we headed out to Miyun for a walk around ‘Dragon Cloud’ Mountain, climbing up to the reservoir at the top, and then taking a walk upriver to cross the frozen ice. Click through for photos.

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Teambuilding for Merck with Great Wall hike and treasure hunt, 2017/7/7

Teambuilding for Merck with Great Wall hike and treasure hunt, 2017/7/7

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