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Trip reports archive: October, 2013

, Beijing Hiker’s Cypress Wells Canyon hike and Yongning Town visit, 2013/10/19

Cypress Wells Canyon and Yongning Town, 2013/10/19

See photos from our hike through Cypress Wells Canyon and visit to Yongning Town: autumn scenery, hills, and canyons, plus a shot of a super cool goat.

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Camels and sand dunes at Crescent Lake, Beijing Hiker’s Journey from the West, 2013/10

Xinjiang Journey from the West, 2013/10

See photos from our seven-day Silk Road trip in October, featuring shots of scenery and sights on the way east from Urumqi to Jiayuguan.

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Video from Pinnacle Tower hike, 2013/10

Hiker Yvonne has a travel blog, and as part of her travels she came hiking with us to the Pinnacle Tower on October 4, 2013.

Visit her blog to see the video – we think it’s very good!

Link: Pinnacle Tower hike on goyvon.com (Dutch/English)

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Hiking photos – Gubeikou to Jinshanling Great Wall Christmas hike, 2012/12/22

In Brief: Photos from the 2012 edition of our annual Great Wall Christmas hike.

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