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Trip reports archive: November, 2014

Miyun Reservoir Birdwatching Overnighter, 2014/11

Miyun Reservoir Birdwatching Overnighter, 2014/11

For this birding trip we headed out to the Miyun Reservoir, accompanied by expert birder Terry from Birding Beijing. The birds were bountiful, and it was a great weekend of spotting. Click through to see the photos!

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Zhenbiancheng Great Wall loop hike, 2014/11/8

On this visit to the Zhenbiancheng Great Wall the skies were that special ‘APEC blue’ colour, and the temperatures were cool and crisp. Just perfect for a bit of hiking!

The Great Wall out here dates back to the early Ming Dynasty and hasn’t been repaired or restored since then. That means it’s in fairly rough shape, and during the hike we skirted around those sections – too slippery, and no fun for walking!

Click through to see photos of those tricky sections of Great Wall, and more!

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Cypress Wells Canyon hike, 2014/11/09

Cypress Wells Canyon hike, 2014/11/09

Our hike to Cypress Wells Canyon follows easy trails through a forested valley and up to a pass before descending through a scenic canyon. On this hike we saw very varied scenery: including cliffs and canyons, and abandoned village, pine forests, and a very old line of Great Wall. Click through to see thirteen photos from the hike.

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Xiahe, Labrang Monastery, and Zhagana, Gansu Province

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