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Trip reports archive: April, 2015

Dahaituo Mountain hike, 2015/04/25

Dahaituo Mountain hike, 2015/04/25

Dahaituo Mountain sits right on the border of Beijing’s Yanqing County and neighbouring Hebei Province, and the climb up to the 2,198.388m peak is one of our favourites.

On this visit, we somehow had the whole mountain to ourselves on a perfect blue sky day. Click through to see the photos!

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Earth Day Clean Up Hike at Jiankou, 2015/4/25

Earth Day Clean Up Hike at the Jiankou Great Wall, 2015/4/25

We’ve done a clean up hike for Earth Day every year since 2009, heading out to hiking trails that have been somewhat spoiled by a buildup of trash and packing it out for disposal in a more appropriate location.

This year we headed out to the Jiankou Great Wall, a well-known stretch of ‘wild’ Great Wall that has become increasing popular amongst casual hikers in recent years.

Big thanks to everyone who joined in, and special thanks to Anita F. and to Gung Ho! Pizza for the support.

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Miao and Dong culture in Guizhou, 2015/04

Miao and Dong culture in Guizhou Province, 2015/04

Early spring is the best time to visit Guizhou, a mountainous province in central south China. There are all together 18 ethnic groups living in Guizhou, with many based in the south-eastern part of the province. We headed down in April to take a look. You can take a look, too – click through to see Jun’s photos!

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Private hike for Beanstalk International Bilingual School, 2015/04/15

Private hike for Beanstalk International Bilingual School, 2015/04/15

As well as the join-in hikes and trips you see on the website, we do a lot of trips on request for schools and office groups.

For this trip for the students at Beijing’s Beanstalk International Bilingual School we took care of the hiking and safety side of things, with the school providing the buses.

Click through to see some photos from the hike along the Gubeikou Great Wall.

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