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Trip reports archive: August, 2015

Full Moon over the Silver Pagodas, 2015/9/29

Full Moon over the Silver Pagodas, 2015/8/29

Hiking at night is something you don’t get to do every … day? We keep an eye on the moon phases, and always try get out for a night hike when the full moon falls on a Friday or Saturday. It’s a great feeling to walk by the light of the moon, and strolling around at night you get to see yet another side of Beijing’s countryside.

Click through to see 25 photos from the night hike.

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Shuitou Village Loop hike, 2015/08/22

Shuitou Village Loop hike, 2015/08/22

We scouted out a new trail that would take us through mountains and valleys to Shuitou Village, a remote farming area way out in Hebei Province.

For the walk we had beautiful blue skies and cool weather, and we hiked through a great mix of scenery.

Click through to see photos.

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Ming Village overnight, 2015/08

Ming Village overnight, 2015/08

We had a great weekend walking about in Mentougou District, staying overnight in the Cuandixia ‘Ming’ Village and exploring Dragon Gate Gorge. Click through to read a report and see photos.

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Floating Down the White River, 2015/08/16

Floating Down the White River, 2015/08/16

Here’s a fun way to stay cool in summer – take a wee float down the White River, and then hike the rest of the way, staying cool in the water.

Click through to see 30+ photos of floating and hiking down the river on a beautiful blue sky day.

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Bashang Grasslands, August 2015

Bashang Grasslands, August 2015

The Bashang Grasslands are one of our favourite spots for a weekend escape during the summer, far enough north from Beijing that the temperatures are sometimes 10°C cooler.

We head out a few times a year, arriving late on a Friday night and doing two half-days of hiking and other activities in the area before coming back to Beijing.

Click through to see a set of photos from our August 2015 visit, with shots of hikers, horses, hills, and big blue skies.

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Walled Village to the Little West Lake, 2015/08/08

Walled Village to the Little West Lake, 2015/08/08

The Huanghuacheng area has a pretty mixture of restored and unrestored Great Wall the, making it a good spot for a Great Wall hike. Add to that old barracks at the Walled Village, the chestnut orchards and fields, and the reservoir views, and there’s plenty to see while walking about.

Click through for a look!

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Prove Your Loyalty hike highlighted photos

Prove Your Loyalty hike highlighted photos

Our favourite photos from the Prove Your Loyalty hike.

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