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Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

In Brief: The hills, cliffs, canyon, and Ghost House of Dragon Cloud Mountain.

We hiked Dragon Cloud Mountain on a really clear day in early May – nice weather for a walk, and not too hot.

We did the tough part of the hike first, climbing up the steps to get up to the Fake Tree and the Ghost House, leftovers from film sets.

After a good long break to enjoy the views from the Ghost House we attempted a loop of the nearby reservoir, but had to turn back when we realized that that part of the trail was flooded! There was more water in the reservoir than usual, and it had overflowed a little, blocking our path.

We retraced our steps and headed down to the river, which was also running higher than usual for this time of year. We followed a path up the river, getting as far as a nice rocky spot where we stopped again to enjoy the views.

From there we headed back down, finishing our hike with a big meal at a local restaurant.

A few weeks before we did the hike, we had done our Earth Day clean up hike out here, and the trail was looking clean and beautiful. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the clean up!

the White River, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

A view of the White River and the surrounding mountains

the Ghost House, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

Taking a break on the veranda of the Ghost House.

The big rocks, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

The big rocks were a good place to get some sun.

the White River Gorge, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

The cliffs and canyon of the White River Gorge.

Another shot of hikers, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

Another shot of hikers and the Ghost House.

Further up the river, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

Further up the river was a big outcrop of rock, with comfortable seats sculpted by centuries of weathering.

a local guesthouse, Beijing Hikers Dragon Cloud Mountain, 2013/05/12

We finished the hike with a meal at a local guesthouse.

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