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Hiking photos from May 2009

In Brief: Photos from visits to the Eastern Qing Tombs and Dahaituo Mountain in May 2009

Eastern Qing Tombs

We visited the Eastern Qing Tombs on a very hot day in May 2009 and enjoyed snacks and beer at the Sacred Way.

Tomb of Qian Long

Outside the tomb of Qian Long.

Close to tomb of Cixi

Outside the tomb of Empress Dowager Cixi.

Group photo at Sacred Way

Hikers at the Sacred Way to the Eastern Qing Tombs.

Group photo at Sacred Way

Hands up!

Dahaituo Mountain

This was a tough climb, but the sights and scenery were well worth the effort.

Passing the donkey on the way up.

Passing a donkey on the way up.

On the way up the mountain

On the way up the mountain.

On the way up the mountain

About halfway up.

Red flowers

Red flowers on the highland meadows.

Hikers on the top.

Hikers on the top.

Coming down from the peak

Coming down from the peak.

Heading down from the peak

Heading down from the peak.

The valley trail

The valley trail.

The valley trail

Hikers on the valley trail.

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