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Hiking photos - Tengger Desert Lakes, 2011/06/16

On our second visit to the Tengger Desert this year, we followed a slightly different route, but saw much of the same scenery: desert lakes, oases, and the tiny settlements of desert dwellers.

The Tengger is known as a ‘classic sand desert,’ with 30,000 square kilometers of dunes that shift with the wind. Somewhat surprisingly, it also contains many lakes and oases.

, Beijing Hikers TenggerDesert, June16, 2011

We drove into the desert, and began our trek by heading deeper into the dunes.

, Beijing Hikers TenggerDesert, June16, 2011

We climbed up on to a tall dune to get a view of the desert – sand as far the eye could see.

, Beijing Hikers TenggerDesert, June16, 2011

The ridge of a tall dune was a good spot for a rest.

, Beijing Hikers TenggerDesert, June16, 2011

At one of the lakes, we made a rendevous with our camel team, and continued through the dunes.

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