White River hike and rafting

Float down a short stretch of the White River, and then hike out the rest of the way.

Level 2+
3–4 hours over approx. 13km. (Can I do it?)

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Floating down the river …
Floating down the river …

Special trip!

Note: If the river level is raised because of rain we might not be able to hike. We’ll know for sure in the week before the hike.

After an interesting drive through the mountains of Miyun, we’ll turn off the main road and head for the small riverside village that is the starting point of this hike.

We’ll hike in a short distance and hire rafts from one of the many suppliers near the beginning of the walk – little two-person inflatables that will float us a short distance (est. 2km) downstream. We’d love to float the whole way, but various companies have laid claim to each short stretch and won’t let unaffiliated boats through.

The floating is a popular activity in summer, and most visitors are content to float the thirty minutes of each course before walking back up to the start.

What we’ll do instead is hand over the rafts, and continue down the river on foot.

We recommend that you bring a pair of sport-type sandals to protect your feet from rocks during river crossings. It’s possible to cross barefoot, but the bottom of the river is rocky and a bit hard on the feet. If the sandals you wear don’t have straps to hold them to your feet, there’s a good chance you’ll lose them!

What to bring on this hike

  • Lunch and snacks to eat
  • Sun protection: long-sleeved shirt, hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • A bottle of sports drink with salt content (Gatorade, Pocari Sweat)
  • Good hiking boots
  • Sandals to use for crossing the river
  • A change of clothes to leave on the bus
  • Small backpack and some zip-loc bags to keep your electrical items dry
  • (Click here to read our full What to Bring on a Hike list)

COVID-19 and participation precautions

The current precautions are minimal. Please read in full here: Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions

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