A Billion Acts of Green for Earth Day, April 2016

Our Earth Day clean up hike this year counted for 200 Green Acts, and the Earth Day Network sent us over a certificate.

We do a clean up hike every year for Earth Day, and in 2016 we headed out to Jiankou to clean up Nine-Eyes Tower.

This year, the Earth Day Network and CYCAN included the clean up as part of “A Billion Acts Of Green”, and sent us through a certificate.

See that certificate below.

Also, click here to take a look at the trip report from the clean up. As well as being part of the A Billion Acts Of Green, we had hooked up with the Beijing Earth Day Festival and Gung Ho Pizza, and you can see photos of the clean up, all the rubbish, and the Gung Ho! Pizza Hut at Jiankou.