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Beijing Hikers interview on FM Lifestyle Radio, 2018/07

In Brief: Listen to a replay of our interview on Radio Beijing International’s FM Lifestyle show.

Hayden went on Radio Beijing International’s FM Lifestyle show for a chat with Gail that covered everything Beijing Hikers-related: how it started, how it all works now, where you can go for a great hike, plus how to avoid getting held for ransom by angry apricot farmers.

Listen or download below (approx. 20MB, 25 minutes)

Download the MP3

The Radio Beijing International Wechat account has their own interview write up. Read it here: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/xUYJ-P0eOky_qpEOoOwLnQ

Find out more about the FM Lifestyle show at http://www.am774.com/hf/2016-07/13/cms458360article.shtml

Thanks to Gail for the invite!