The Tale of The Old Mountain Goat

A website called The Anthill interviewed one of our most friendly local guides, and made an excellent video about his explorations of the scene of a huge battle by the Great Wall.

Click the link to read a piece on The Anthill website that features an area where we often go out for a hike. More importantly, it features the story of one of our most friendly local guides, Yang Guoqing AKA The Old Mountain Goat. (His nickname for himself, not ours!)

The article is an excellent read, and the video is even better - well worth a look.

Link: Read Portrait of a Beijinger: Call of Duty on The Anthill website.

We met the Old Mountain Goat back in the winter of 2008 while working on an ultramarathon project on behalf of North Face: he was in charge of finding trails, and we were in charge of measuring them to make sure they got the full 100km for the race. Later on we started using some of those trails for hikes, and we asked Mr Yang to come along and help out.