Beijing Hikers in Shanghai, 2011/09

Beijing Hikers head to Shanghai for the Expat Show and to find out if there is anywhere in Shanghai to go hiking.

In September we visited Shanghai for the Expat Show, a three-day exhibition of things relevant to expatriates. We get a lot of questions about hiking in Shanghai, and it seems there’s not a lot on offer.

While at the show we talked to a lot of people, but didn’t find out much about good places for hiking in Shanghai. We did make sure to let people know that it’s only 2 hours by plane (or 4 hours on the fast train) to get to Beijing for some great hikes!

Huijie at the booth, Beijing Hikers GreatWallSpur, September17, 2011

Huijie at the booth, ready to go.

Hayden, Beijing Hikers GreatWallSpur, September17, 2011

Hayden, complete with tie.