Beijing Hikers in the Daily Record, 2016/01

Seeing the Great Wall was the highlight of Daily Record writer Lana Montgomery’s trip to Beijing.

Daily Record writer Lana Montgomery came out on a Great Wall hike with us, and rated it the highlight of her trip.

Thanks, Lana!

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Great thrall of China

“After six days in Beijing, I hit the wall. The Great Wall.

I hooked up with Beijing Hikers and joined a small group on a three-hour trek on a largely unrestored section.

Beijing Hikers go to parts of the wall where there are very few other tourists. They offer a great selection of hikes, varying in length and difficulty, on the wall and beyond. I highly recommend them.

It was a clear sunny day when I took my hike and the views were stunning. The wall is a remarkable feat of engineering and toil, and it is truly deserving of its iconic status.

My visit was the highlight of my trip. It was worth the three flights there and back for that moment when I stopped at one of the many watch towers and looked back at the wall snaking up and down the mountains.

Beijing Hikers in the Daily Record, 2016/01

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