Beijing Hikers in TimeOut magazine: The Great Outdoors, 2012/02

Read an interview with Beijing Hikers guide Millicent.

TimeOut Magazine interviewed Beijing Hikers guide Millicent about hiking in Beijing during winter. They picked the right person to talk to: Millicent loves cold weather!

Read on to see what Millicent had to say, and to find a link to the interview on the TimeOut Beijing website.

Carry on trekking

Millicent Thapa acts as a guide for Beijing Hikers.

‘Winter is my favourite season. There are more blue skies and the bare trees reveal surprising new views that were hidden before. Then, of course, there’s the snow, which makes things so much more beautiful. We don’t get much in the city, but out in the surrounding hills the snow usually settles at around 6cm deep, and you often find freshly dusted branches.

‘Some of the hikes that people most enjoy are the ones that take you by frozen waterfalls and streams. People are amazed by the different freeze patterns in the ice: sometimes there are crystalline designs, in other places it is opaque and there are lots of different colours. Sometimes it is perfectly clear, so that when you walk on top you can see little fish and plants moving in the current below.

‘It’s much colder in the countryside. It’s not uncommon for it to get down to -15°C at night. But if you wear the right clothes, the weather shouldn’t be a problem. There’s no reason for you to be a prisoner inside and miss out on the beauty of nature.’

Beijing Hikers in TimeOut magazine: The Great Outdoors, 2012/02

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Read the interview on the TimeOut website at Around Town: The Great Outdoors