Gung Ho! Pizza and Beijing Hikers in Beijing Kids magazine, 2018/12

Gung Ho! Pizza gave us a mention in their 'Green Pages' interview in the Beijing Kids magazine—see a scan and a link to read the full interview.

Our good mates at Gung Ho! Pizza were interviewed in the ‘Green Pages’ section of Beijing Kids magazine. In passing they mentioned the clean up hikes we've been operating with them for the last 5 years.

The clean up hikes have been getting better and better, and on the last one we did (October 2018) we carried down 18kgs of trash from the Jiankou Great Wall.

Below is a scan of part of the interview; you can read the whole thing on the Beijing Kids website.

Clean up hikes scan
A scan of the article.

Here's the paragraph about the clean up hikes.

Can you tell us about your other initiatives in the Beijing 'Green Scene'?

For the last 5 years, we've partnered up with Beijing Hikers to organize what are now know as the "Great Wall Clean-up Hikes", where a large group of us pick up trash left on the trails by unconscientious hikers. We also have an annual Earth Day festival that we started in 2016 with our all-time hero Patagonia, as well as more "behind the scenes" initiatives such as working with large third party delivery companies (who come to us by the way) to share ideas and work on packaging innovation solutions (still in the works!).

Nice one, Gung Ho!