Our hike and trip schedule is still affected by coronavirus

Coronavirus-related closures and restrictions mean we are not able to operate our full range of hikes. Read more about it here.

For updates on hiking in Beijing please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Our office is closed until further notice, so we're not going to be there to answer the phone.

The current situation

Things are starting to open up for hiking, but many trails and hikes are still off-limit.

Some scenic areas are still closed down—some of our hikes pass through ticketed areas, and, while these ticketed areas are starting to open up, there are still some access restrictions and in general visitors are asked to stay within the boundaries of the scenic area.

Villages are closed to visitors—we have hikes that start off in or around villages, and our local contacts in these villages have reported that they are not yet permitted to receive ‘international’ visitors.

Are there any hikes at all?

Our hike options are still rather limited, but it’s getting better. Every week we make phone calls to local contacts to check what’s possible, and every few weeks there are more parks and scenic areas opening up to visitors.

We are able to offer a hike every Saturday and Sunday, and we’re trying out Wednesdays as well.

The hikes for the coming week will be added to the website every Wednesday.

Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you’d like to get an update as soon as those hikes are open for bookings..

There are extra terms and conditions for participation on hikes—please read our information about Operating hikes under COVID-19 precautions.

How about the Explore China trips?

The trips around China are theoretically possible, but sudden changes in the situation might make it unrealistic to travel e.g. a 14-day quarantine is required on return to Beijing. We have published a provisional schedule, and please feel free to contact us for updates.