Safety First in The Beijinger magazine, 2017/5

We shared some information about hiking safety with The Beijinger magazine.

Safety First in The Beijinger magazine, 2017/5

Jeremiah Jenne asked us for our comments for an article on hiking safely in Beijing, to be published in The Beijinger magazine, and we provided a few comments on getting ready to go out for a hike.

Thanks, Jeremiah and The Beijinger!


But even on the sunniest summer day, it pays to be prepared when hiking. Sudden thunderstorms, unstable terrain, and spotty emergency services in remote areas can turn a pleasant weekend stroll into an epic – and sometimes dangerous – journey.

One example of such occurred this past February, when two hikers – one from France and one from Germany – needed assistance from local rescue personnel after the hikers became lost near the Jiankou section of the Great Wall.

"According to Hayden Opie of Beijing Hikers, people most often find themselves in trouble by being either unprepared for the weather or by tackling a route that is simply too challenging."

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