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Trip reports archive: February, 2010

Temples at the top

Hiking photos - Yajishan Long Route, 2010/02/20

This longer hike in Pinggu District covered a good distance and involved two uphill jaunts, but was overall quite relaxing. On this ramble, we were able to enjoy both cultural sites at the temples as well as the natural scenery of the mountains. Click through for photos, statistics, and a write up of the hike.

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Hiking on the ridge

Hiking photos - Spring Valley Loop, 2010/02/17

On this hike during the Chinese New Year holiday we followed a scenic trail through valleys and along ridges, finishing up with a meal of dumplings and other tasty dishes of farmer’s food - click through for photos.

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Hikers and trees

Hiking photos - Auspicious Village, 2010/02/07

Our Auspicious Village walk is a good long stroll through Beijing’s countryside. On this trip we walked on fresh snow through small villages, and got a good look at a ‘travelling market’ - click through for photos and statistics.

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Snow and Great Wall

Hiking photos - Snowy Switchback Great Wall, 2010/02/06

In February we did several hikes in the snow - click through to see stats and a few photos from our February 6 visit to the Switchback Great Wall.

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Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall, 2018/10/17

Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall, 2018/10/17

In Brief: With big blue skies and colourful autumn foliage, this was a perfect day to be up on the Great Wall—see 20 photos from our hike from Jiankou to Mutianyu.

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