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Trip reports archive: March, 2010

Great Wall tower

Hiking photos - Gubeikou to Simatai Great Wall, 2010/03/27

In November 2009 we went and scouted out an extra bit of Great Wall to walk on at Gubeikou, and this hike was the first time we’d walked the extra section and continued on all the way to Simatai - quite a distance, and most of it on the wall. Click through for statistics and photos from the Gubeikou to Simatai Great Wall Challenge.

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Pingyao stairs and temple

Special Trip Photos - Ancient Pingyao, March 19-21, 2010

In March we did a special trip down to Shanxi Province to visit the ancient walled city of Pingyao. As well as exploring the city, we hiked in the hills outside the walls - click through to see lots of Huijie’s photos from the trip.

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Snowy trail

Hiking photos - Snowy Round Tower, 2010/03/14

We headed up to a section of the Great Wall that usually has an exhilarating view of Miyun Reservoir in one direction and Yunmengshan in the other, but whiteout conditions changed the character of the hike and presented a challenging new dimension. Click through for the writeup and a few photos.

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Wuyuan fields of flowers

Special Trip Photos - Wuyuan, April 3-5, 2010

At the beginning of April we did a special 3-day trip to Wuyuan County in Jiangxi Province. Wuyuan possesses great natural beauty, and is famous for gorgeous, vast fields of yellow rapeseed flowers, the main focus of this trip - click through to see some of Huijie’s photos.

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Hikers and ribbons

Hiking photos - Hike and Hot Springs, 2010/01/02

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