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Trip reports archive: June, 2010

Hikers walking through grasslands

Special Trip Photos - Bashang Grasslands, 2010/06/18

In June 2010 we made a two day trip to the Bashang Grasslands in the north of Hebei Province, very close to Inner Mongolia. During the trip we hiked, rode horses, and enjoyed a musical performance by local herdsmen and farmers. Click through for a selection of Huijie’s photos!

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Campsite in the mountains

Hiking photos - Yanqing Great Wall Camping, June 2010

This backpacking trip along the Great Wall took us into Hebei Province, where we followed the Wall between Big Camp Plate Village and Chenjiapu Village. We carried all of our food and gear, including tents, sleeping bags, clothes, and stoves, on our backs for the two-day trip. Click through to see some photos!

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Hikers in a rocky Canyon

Hiking photos - The Great Flood, 2010/06/06

On June 6th we headed out to Miyun County for the Great Flood hike, a very scenic trail that had us following rivers through boulder-filled canyons, climbing a steep valley, and walking through grassy meadows on the way to a village that was abandoned after a particularly large flood. Click through for photos and stats from the hike.

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