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Trip reports archive: February, 2011

A large icefall, Beijing Hikers Heilongtan hike

Hiking photos - Heilongtan Valley Ice Festival, 2011/02/19

During winter, the park officials at Heilongtan commission artists from the far north of China to help them create ice sculptures for their winter festival. On this relaxing day out we explored the valley, with caves and frozen waterfalls and streams to see as well as all sculptures of the festival.

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The Silver Pagoda Complex, Beijing Hikers Silver Pagoda hike

Hiking photos - Silver Pagodas hike, 2011/02/13

This was our first hike after the only big snowfall of 2011 so far. Although the conditions made the hike a little more challenging, it also made the scenery more beautiful. The snow-covered pagoda complex was even more stunning than usual.

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It was a great day for photography, Beijing Hikers White River hike

Hiking photos - White River Ice Hike, 2011/02/05

The White River hike is excellent in both the summer and winter because of how the water changes. On this hike we crossed back and forth across the frozen river, admiring both the icefalls in the cliffs above us as well as the beautiful icicles in the holes underfoot. As we walked on the river’s ice, we noted the interesting changes in how it formed.

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A view of the Great Wall, Beijing Hikers Switchback Great Wall

Hiking photos - Switchback Great Wall, 2011/02/04

This hike follows the Great Wall as it straddles the border between Hebei and Beijing. After climbing up a valley, we hiked along the Wall, finally reaching a fantastic lookout point on the General’s Tower. The weather on this day was perfect, with the temperature starting to drop only after we were done with the hike.

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Hiking photos - Great Wall Spur hike, 2011/02/02

This popular hike is part of our Seasons Series; we’ll be doing it again in the spring, summer, and autumn. The Great Wall Spur is named for a section that branches off and ends at a cliff face. One story goes that it was built by mistake! After a challenging climb up a hill slope, we hiked along the Great Wall as it followed the top of a ridgeline, through several towers, before finishing at one of our favorite local restaurants.

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